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Can Am Defender Max Parts and Accessories

Can Am Defender Max

Typically when a manufacturer releases a new side by side it’s not long before a second row seating version is introduced. To no surprise BRP did just that with its all new six-passenger utility UTV, the Can Am Defender Max.

Much like the Can Am Defender, it’s an innovative machine with great storage solutions and a tough yet comfortable workhorse. It has the same power options as the three seat Defender, the 50 hp HD8 or the 72 hp HD10; both engines designed to deliver optimal torque low in the RPM range.

Can Am Defender Max

So what’s different for the Defender Max?

Aside from its second row seating increasing the passenger capacity from three to six, the machine is longer by 32.5 inches for a total length of 12’ 8.5’’.   With the added length comes the added weight, 300 lbs. that is, but the payload capacity increases from 1,500 lbs. to 1,700 lbs.

The new UTV also has an extra 0.7 gallons of storage, six cup holders, five folding seats, front and rear central arm rests, a rear lateral grab bar, four 20mm disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers and 26’’ tires compared to the 25’’ tires on the three seat version.

Can Am Defender Max

We got the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the all new Can Am Defender Max at the 2016 Highlifter Mud Nationals.  As exciting as this new UTV is, we get really excited about the aftermarket parts and accessories. At Side By Side Stuff you can find a variety of Defender Max parts and accessories like windshields, Bluetooth stereos, cab heaters and more. Keep in mind, it’s still a fairly new machine; be on the lookout for even more products for this UTV in the near future.

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