It’s a ton of fun to go off-roading in the wilderness, and a side by side is the best vehicle you can choose to do it. A side by side gives you all the raw power of an off-road vehicle with a comfortable setup for bringing friends and family along, making it the best vehicle an outdoor enthusiast can have.

While it’s always a great time to kick up plumes of mud and roar down the trails, it’s also important to make sure that you’re using proper safety practices. An accident in the wilderness can lead to major troubles, and the last thing you want is to cause injury to yourself or your vehicle when you are miles away from where anyone could help you. Here are a few important add-ons for your side by side that will make everything much safer.


Seat Harnesses

When you’re shopping for accessories, one of the first ones you should be looking at is a 4 point harness. A seat harness will keep you strapped in securely, drastically reducing the chances of getting thrown from the vehicle in the event of a crash.

Getting thrown from a wreck can cause serious harm. However, a harness will keep you and your passenger or passengers secure in the seats, allowing you to enjoy your trip without worry.


Skid Guards

In addition to keeping yourself safe, you’ll want to keep your ride safe, too. A flooded engine can be devastating, and you don’t want to be stuck with your engine not turning over when you’re miles away from civilization.

Make sure to install some skid guards to keep your side by side’s undercarriage from getting waterlogged, and you won’t have to worry about surviving in the wilderness while you wait for help.

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