UTV Covers


Trail riding is a messy business. You spend hours exposing your UTV to mud, dirt, water, sand, grass and more. Leaving all that junk caked to your vehicle is a surefire way to let wear and tear take over. A new vehicle will age much faster if it is not maintained well, and this includes keeping the exterior clean. After a fun day of careening through the trails, it’s time to take that side by side home and give it a good cleaning.

Carve out a chunk of time to really clean your UTV. You may decide to purchase soap designed to cut through the grease and break out a pressure washer—whatever it takes to scrub off the muck. It will take some hours to rinse, wash, dry and shine your vehicle. Once you finish though, you can restore much of the pristine shine the UTV came with when you bought it.

Go a step further in protecting the life of your UTV by keeping it sheltered from the elements when you aren’t using it. Preserve the look and feel of your vehicle with UTV covers from Side By Side Stuff. These durable, heavy duty covers help prevent sun damage and rust from aging your vehicle. Find UTV covers from top brands, such as Classic Accessories, Dowco, Quad Boss and more at SideBySideStuff.com.