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Kolpin Outdoors UTV Snow Plow System

Kolpin UTV Snow Plow System


If you’re in the market for a high end UTV snow plow then Kolpin Outdoors has the snow removal system for you. Whether you are clearing your sidewalk, your whole driveway, or the entire parking lot, Kolpin snow plows have the strength and reliability to get the job cleared!

Available in a wide variety of blade widths, this 17″ tall steel blade is constructed of stamped steel and has welded seams. Heavy duty square tube steel chassis construction is used throughout this system and includes strategic reinforcements for maximum strength making it light but yet very strong. One high end feature is the exceptional blade lift height that is achieved via the innovative dual pivoting articulated frame. This allows you to easily stack snow or pull your UTV on and off a trailer without worries of dragging the blade on the trailer ramps or bed.

Another great feature is the quick attach and detach system requiring no removal of pins when removing the plow system from your UTV. This keeps you from having to crawl under your UTV when installing or removing the system keeping prep time to a minimum. A spring loaded trip system is integrated into the plow and push tube. This allows the blade to pivot and handle impacts with small obstructions without damaging the plow. Additionally, this plow frame will handle light to medium-duty summer landscape work.

Optional plow markers are available for this system as well as the optional High Rise Power Angle system which allows you to pivot the plow without getting out of your UTV.

Installing this plow system on your UTV is quick and easy requiring only 45 to 90 minutes and simple hand tools to initially install. Once installed, removing and reinstalling the push tube and plow takes just a few minutes.

**Requires a winch with an internal brake to operate, winch not included.** 

Steel Snow Blade and High Rise Push Tube Systems from Kolpin Outdoors are available for a variety of vehicle applications including the Polaris Ranger, Can-Am Defender and Kawasaki Mule. Browse our wide selection of Snow Plow Systems and other Kolpin Outdoor products today at Side By Side Stuff. 



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