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Mammoth Designs – High Quality, American Made UTV Cab Enclosures

It’s never too early to start thinking about investing in a UTV cab enclosure. At Side By Side Stuff, we work with companies, like Mammoth Designs, that are committed to producing only the highest quality cab enclosures and aftermarket accessories made to custom fit your side by side.  Whether you need soft doors, a soft top, a windshield or the whole cab enclosure, a Mammoth Designs product is a great investment for weather protection. The increased level of comfort and safety, not to mention the outstanding product quality, will leave you satisfied for years to come.

The Mammoth Designs company got it’s start in 2005 when Kentucky resident and experienced upholster, Matt Oldham received a phone call from a local Kawasaki dealer. Matt was asked to design a cab that would fit a brand new 610 Kawasaki Mule. Using his upholstery experience, Matt rose to the challenge and designed his very first UTV cab enclosure.

Matt continued working out of his basement for nearly two years designing and making UTV cab enclosures. Word spread of his quality of work and the demand for his products grew, causing Matt’s booming new business to eventually outgrow his basement.  With the help of a friend, Matt was able to expand into a 5000 sq ft facility, of which became the birthplace and inspiration for the name of Mammoth Designs.

Proud to make products in the USA, Mammoth Designs has worked hard to produce some of the highest quality, soft UTV cab enclosures on the market. Their hard work has paid off with steady growth, and a growing number of hard working employees. Matt believes that it is essential to the health of the American economy to  buy products made in the USA. Whenever possible, Matt tries to buy supplies and materials within the United States; Mammoth Designs’ Lexan is made in Indiana, their fabric in Minnesota and their clear vinyl in Washington.

Matt and his team at Mammoth Designs strive to be innovative, designing their enclosures from beginning to end with the highest quality materials and continually looking for ways to make improvements to their products.

It’s no secret competing companies have used Mammoth Designs influence, designs and styles for their own products, and Matt doesn’t let it bother him.  Matt believes their product will always be the best. As Matt Oldham likes to say, “Anyone can copy or imitate, but it takes someone special to be able to innovate”.

At Side By Side Stuff we carry a selection of windshields, UTV cab enclosures and door, roof and windshield combinations by Mammoth Designs for a number of UTV brands like John Deere, Kubota, Kawasaki and Kymco. Don’t let the harsh weather or other outside elements restrict you from using your side by side, let us help you stay protected, and stay comfortable with accessories by Mammoth Designs.

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