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Must-Have UTV Accessories

Wide Open Company UTV Cab Enclosure for Polaris RZR

You rely on your utility task vehicle to transport heavy cargo loads across rough terrains and wooded landscapes. However, despite being among the most resilient recreational off-highway vehicles, a number of accessories are needed to keep UTVs in peak condition and ensure driver safety. The following items will protect your side-by-side from the elements and keep your UTV journeys incident-free.

Full Cab Enclosures

Safety-wise, full cab enclosures are one of the most important UTV accessories an operator can have. Since side-by-sides aren’t equipped with doors or windshields, operators are only protected by the roll cage. Furthermore, when navigating muddy landscapes, UTV owners have no choice but to get very dirty. In addition to shielding drivers from rain, snow, and other elements, full cab enclosures prevent them from falling out of their vehicles in the event of an accident. For cab enclosures check out Wide Open Company, Gotcha Covered LLC and Kolpin.

Folding Windshields

Not all side-by-side operators use their vehicles to navigate dangerous areas. UTVs are also commonly used by landscapers, warehouse workers, and college security teams. Operating a UTV in these surroundings may not warrant the purchase of a full cab enclosure, but drivers still need protection from sun exposure and flying debris. This is where folding windshields come in. Not only can they can be attached, removed, and adjusted with ease, their reasonable price tags ensure that they’re affordable on any budget. For folding windshields check out DOT Weld Offroad, Extreme Metal Products, J. Strong, and Kolpin.

Helmets and Goggles

While roll cages and full cab enclosures help keep UTV operators safe, they don’t offer maximum protection. Although the enclosures prevent drivers from involuntarily exiting their vehicles, there’s still a good chance they could incur injuries in the event of an accident. By donning a durable helmet and pair of goggles before each UTV excursion, drivers can reduce their chances of suffering head trauma or ocular injuries while operating side-by-sides.

Although the vehicles are built with safety in mind, UTVs are by no means indestructible. If you regularly make your way across perilous landscapes, make sure to equip your side-by-side with a full cab enclosure or folding windshield and don the appropriate safety gear before getting behind the wheel.

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2 thoughts on “Must-Have UTV Accessories

  1. I never thought about driving through muddy landscapes. I see how it would be nice to have a fully enclosed cab. It would probably help in the cold and rain too. I thought it was good that helmets were brought up. It seems like an obvious thing to have, but it’s surprising how many people don’t wear them.

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