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Prepare for Winter with These Side By Side Accessories

When most people think of UTVs, they think about powerful vehicles roaring down dirt tracks and kicking up plumes of dust or mud in their wake – but a side by side isn’t just for the warm summer months. It is actually an ideal winter vehicle as well, with the power and versatility to conquer even the harshest winter terrain.

Whether you’re going out on an early morning hunting trip, or you’re venturing out into the winter wilderness for some off-roading fun, a side by side is the perfect vehicle for your winter exploration. When you hit the trails this winter, make sure that you equip your side by side with the best winter weather accessories.

Cab Enclosures

One of the most important UTV accessories for winter is a cab enclosure. After all, it’s good to feel the wind blowing when you’re riding in the warm season, but in the cold you want to protect yourself from the dangerous winter winds and the icy sleet as much as possible.

Too much snow and slush could get really uncomfortable, and it would also pose the danger of damaging your gear. Make sure to install a cab enclosure to keep out the worst of it and protect yourself from the bitter cold.


Even in the best conditions you always run the risk of getting your side by side stuck – especially in winter. With ice and snow all over the ground, it’s extra important to have a good, reliable winch from Side By Side Stuff installed on your UTV in order to ensure that you can pull yourself out of a tight spot if you end up getting stuck.

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