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Top 10 UTV Trails in Missouri

What are the top ten trails in Missouri?

One thing about the off-road biz is the sheer diversity of terrain conditions across the board. Each state has its unique topography that allows ride enthusiasts to fully experience what the Powersports world is all about. One thing is certain, Missouri doesn’t disappoint, which leads us to the best UTV trails in Missouri.

What’s great about UTV riding in Missouri is the multitude of different terrain conditions. You’ll find rolling hills, flat ground, river bluffs, and much more. This makes places to ride plentiful and exciting. So, let’s get to some of the best trails of the Show Me State.

Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch

SMORR includes miles of mapped trails with both rugged and casual ride conditions in Seymour, Missouri. What really stands out is the wide variety of ride conditions, rated from one to six. One is an easy route, while a six is downright insane. The park includes camping, shower facilities, cabins, and a staffed office.

  • Machine Application: Dune Buggies, 4x4s, UTVs
  • Miles: 50 Miles
  • Terrain: Forest, hills, mud, water
  • Cost: Rider $30 / Watcher $15 / Passengers under 12 FREE
  • Regulations: Signed waiver and release of liability, operation hours 7a.m.-12a.m., family-oriented park, no ATVs or dirt bikes, all cars must have a roll cage or metal enclosure, no alcohol

Chadwick OHV Trail

Chadwick OHV Trail is part of the Mark Twain National Forest in Chadwick, Missouri. This system consists of forested hollows, long ridge tops, and rock surfaces. There are also full-loop ride conditions with casual and advanced ride adventures. Finally, there are nearby camp areas in the national forest of the Ozarks, complete with primitive and RV camping, picnic tables, toilets, drinking water, and parking.

  • Machine Application: ATVs, Cycles, Dirt Bikes, UTVs (50-inch)
  • Miles: 80 Miles
  • Terrain: Forest, hills, rocks
  • Cost: Daily Rider $7 / Season Pass $45
  • Regulations: Sunup to sundown, riders need a permit, must wear a helmet, no vehicles wider than 50-inches, no off-trail riding, approved spark arrestor, must have operable braking system,

St. Joe State Park

This massive Missouri UTV and ATV trail system in Park Hills, Missouri includes thousands of acres of multiple trailheads. It’s one of the state’s largest circuits, with almost 3,000 acres of off-road experience. Also, the terrain ranges from sand to water and rocks to forest, so there is something for every ride style.

The park has several accommodations, appealing to nearly any outdoorsman. Within the area, you’ll find four lakes, swimming beaches, an equestrian trail, hiking, bicycling, picnic sites, primitive camping, and RV camping.

  • Machine Application: ATVs, Cycles, Dirt Bikes, Dune Buggies, 4x4s, UTVs
  • Miles: 54 miles.
  • Terrain: Forest, hills, mud, sand, water
  • Cost: Per Vehicle $5
  • Regulations: No alcohol on trails, no removal of artifacts or relics, Thursday through Sunday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. November through March., no fireworks, must have flag, must wear a helmet, noise limit of 96dBA

Smurfwood Trail

The Smurfwood Trails in Canton, Missouri include 680 acres of prime real estate and a range of terrain conditions. We’re talking timber passes, fields, mud bogs, bridges, and hills. Though this system is fully equipped for most side-by-sides, be sure to measure because nothing over 64-inches will make the cut. Additionally, the park has cabins, bin hut rentals, bunk houses, and primitive and RV camping.

  • Machine Application: ATVs, Cycles, Dirt Bikes, UTVs
  • Miles: 20 miles
  • Terrain: Dirt, forest, mud
  • Cost: UTVs 2 riders $30; Additional passengers $5 / ATVs & Cycles 2 riders $20 / Dirt Bikes: $20
  • Regulations: 9 a.m.- 6 p.m., helmets required for riders younger than 16, ATVs no wider than 60-inches, UTVs no wider than 64-inches, must stay on trails, no creek crossing, must report all accidents in a written report

Brick’s Off-Road Park

Brick’s Off-Road Park is a haven for road enthusiasts and rock crawlers. What was once a cattle farm in Poplar Bluff, Missouri has now become a trendy trail circuit among avid riders. They’ve got mud fields, rock gardens, and miles of trail terrain. Plus, you get camping and RV permits included with ride packages.

  • Machine Application: ATVs, Dirt Buggies, Dune Buggies, 4x4s, UTVs
  • Miles: 1 sq mile
  • Terrain: Loose terrain, mud, rocks, water
  • Cost (includes camping): Thurs-Sun $70 / Fri-Sun $60 / Sat-Sun $50
  • Regulations: Fees, and waivers required for riders younger than 18, must wear wristbands, alcohol at campsites only, no glass bottles, no riding from 1 a.m. – 6 a.m., creek riding in designated places only

Flatnasty Off-Road Park

Flatnasty Off-Road Park is located in Jadwin, off Highway ZZ. Like many other Missouri trail parks, the terrain is a solid mix-up of rocky riverbeds with muddy and wooded hills. This action-packed riding area is home to several ride events, including crawl competitions. And, of course, you’ll find camping, lodging, and RV hook-ups to go with those challenging trails.

  • Machine Application: ATVs, Cycles, Dirt Bikes, Jeeps, SUVs, UTVs
  • Miles: 600+ miles
  • Terrain: Forest, hills, mud, rocky riverbeds
  • Cost: Driver $25 / Passenger 12 and up $5 / Primitive camping $5
  • Regulations: Fees and waivers, speed limit 15 mph on roads, no spinning out on grass / roads / parking areas, must use tree savers, no refunds or rain checks, fires in camping areas only

Cloud 9 Ranch

Cloud 9 Ranch offers miles of easy-going trails perfect for family affairs. This system consists of wooded paths, dirt, rocky paths, and water crossings. You’ll also find amenities for camping and cabin rental. Other outdoor activities include fishing, exploring, and horseback riding.

  • Machine Application: ATVs, Dirt Bikes, UTVs
  • Miles: 185 miles
  • Terrain: Dirt, forest, mud, rocks, Water
  • Cost: Daily $28
  • Regulations: fees and waivers, creek crossing in designated locations, must have a spark arrestor, children under 13 must have a DOT-approved helmet, no firearms

Rush Springs Ranch

The Ozark mountains are where you’ll find Rush Springs Ranch. This track system includes easy-going landscaping to intense rock crawling trails like others. Additionally, you’ll find several cabins to rent, a campground, picnic pavilion, shower house, a pavilion in the lower valley, and an off-road racetrack.

  • Machine Application: ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Dune Buggies, 4x4s, UTVs
  • Miles: 75 miles
  • Terrain: Forest, hills, mud, sand
  • Cost: Day Pass $40 up to 3 riders per vehicle/ Extra passenger $5 / Guided Tour $70
  • Regulations: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., no engine restrictions, noise limit, must have spark arrestor, no night riding, no trailblazing, no alcohol

Hooter Holler Off-Road Park

Hooter Holler Off-Road Park, owned by a former semi-pro driver, features 500 acres of land catered to trailing excitement for extreme sports enthusiasts across the board. The off-road park offers wooded trails, mud pits, ponds, a motocross track, and a dirt drag course—plenty of fun for all ride styles. To up the ante, they include plenty of parking, primitive camping, and swimming, and it’s open all year (minus hunting season).

  • Machine Application: ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Dune Buggies, 4x4s, UTVsMiles: 25 miles of trails
  • Terrain: Forest, hills, mud, rocks, water
  • Cost: Daily per person $10 / 10 and under FREE
  • Regulations: waiver and fee, requires a valid ID, no vulgar behavior, no fireworks, no discharge of firearms

Finger Lakes State Park

This 70-mile circuit in Columbia includes a twisting trail with forest, water crossings, mud, and bounty holes. They also have a professionally designed motocross track, youth track, and other ride locations ranging in difficulty. Amenities are also plenty, with 36 campsites, RV hook-up, parking, picnic areas, and a shower house.

  • Machine Application: ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Motorcycles, UTVs (50-inches max)
  • Miles: 70 miles
  • Terrain: Forest, hills, loose and hard-packed dirt, water
  • Cost: Daily per vehicle $5
  • Regulations: spark arrestor, noise limit 86dB, requires 72-inch whip flag, requires a helmet, no alcohol

Who knew there were so many UTV parks in Missouri to choose from! We could have done a top 20 and then some. The Show Me State offers excellent ride conditions for nearly any ride style with several terrain surfaces from mud to mountains. In other words, we’ve only scratched the surface. So, what is your favorite Missouri UTV trail?

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