Though there’s some controversy surrounding the use of UTVs when hunting, we love the idea and think they’re a great asset to have out in the woods! There are all sorts of benefits in owning a hunting UTV especially when traveling from one hunting ground to the next and transporting game. We shouldn’t have to remind you to use them respectfully during hunting season, but here’s a list of our top 3 hunting UTVs (in no particular order).
Honda Pioneer – A solid, well rounded side by side for hunters and non-hunters alike. This UTV is built to tackle any terrain and will smoothly transport you from point A to B and is equipped to carry up to 400 pounds. With a bunch of accessories to add on, this model is one of the most reliable UTVs on the market.

Kawasaki Teryx4 – The Teryx4 is a super powered side by side that has major off-road capabilities. With the ability to seat up to four, this UTV is perfect for hunting with a group or taking your kids out for their first season. With at least a 15% jump in power compared to its predecessor, the Teryx4 is a superb choice in hunting UTVs.

Yamaha Wolverine – There’s no doubt we’d have a Yamaha on this list! The Wolverine is yet another top of the line product and great ground clearance, all-wheel engine braking, and three-point seatbelts are just a few of the awesome things about this side by side vehicle. With a wide variety of hunter-friendly accessories and attachments available (who wouldn’t want heated UTV seats on those cold mornings?) this Yamaha won’t be easy to rule out!

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