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Wide Open Company’s Custom Ranger 900 Limousine

When you think of a Polaris Ranger…… a rugged, hardworking utility task vehicle comes to mind. It’s the perfect machine to get through any terrain and get the job done, but when thinking about the Ranger the word luxurious doesn’t even cross your mind. That’s where Wide Open Company steps in, they specialize products that bring luxury to side by sides with automotive style features. In this case, not only did WOC nail this project with luxury, they raised the bar for uniqueness and nothing says luxury more than a limo.

A customer requested for an 8 passenger build; Wide Open Company, known for making great, top quality UTV cab enclosures, accepted the challenge. This 2015 Ranger 900 Crew was customized for a business that needed to access remote areas with a crew of employees.

The Ranger 900 Crew was stretched by 32 inches; the frame was re-enforced to accommodate the additional weight and length. The drive shaft, brake lines, wiring etc. were lengthened and the roll cage needed to be reconfigured and extended as well.

Custom Ranger Limo Project_01

The build process was extensive, requiring WOC to build a heavy duty jig, or frame, to build the vehicle on. This had to be built true so that, when extended, everything would be aligned correctly as well as being able to fasten the vehicle and extensions into place prior to welding and reinforcing the factory frame.

The build took roughly 110 days which includes a couple weeks of planning out the project and building the necessary tools and jigs to do the job.

This WOC Custom Ranger Build includes:

Custom Ranger Limo Project_147

Very pleased with the build, the owner piled his employees in and took the new build for a spin. Fully loaded, the vehicle drives and handles very well, even with several big fellas along for the ride, the Ranger had no problem hitting nearly 60 miles an hour. All smiles, it was a job well done for Wide Open Company!

Side By Side Stuff has been working with guys at Wide Open Company since 2013 and offer WOC’s top quality UTV cab enclosures for a variety of side by sides, including Polaris RZR, Polaris Ranger, Can Am Maverick, Can Am Commander and the Arctic Cat Wildcat. These high end fiberglass cab enclosures have many options to suit your needs, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for and can enjoy your side by side year-round. In addition, a must have in cold weather is a WOC Cab heater that is a breeze easy-to-install and easy-to-use.

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About Wide Open Company Inc.

An American company with decades of experience in high tech composites, Wide Open Company Inc. makes a quality durable composite fiberglass reinforced product that is comfortable, user friendly and made to fit a variety of UTV brands. WOC goes above and beyond to provide a high end cab enclosures and model specific cab heaters. They continue to excel in modern design with optional luxury features to accommodate comfort and style. Located in Grand Rapids, MN, Wide Open Company manufactures their own product line as well as OEM products for other companies. To learn more about Wide Open Company Inc. visit

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