Whether you’re roaring down the racetrack or skidding around wet fields and kicking 10-foot-high plumes of mud in your wake, nothing improves the side by side experience more than a good collection of high-quality music.

If you love your side-by-side for its speed or its power, there’s no doubt that the hard-rocking styles of great heavy metal bands are the perfect accompaniment for a tough-as-nails outdoor adventure in your side-by-side. Whether you love the classics or are looking to enjoy something new, everyone should have a good metal playlist that they can play with their UTV audio accessories, and if you’re in the mood for some hardcore music, this is the list for you.

‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and this iconic tune from AC/DC is as perfect as they come. The ultra-famous opening guitar riff, which slowly builds up to a ferocious metal explosion is the perfect background song for a straightaway leading to a sick jump. If you can time it so that you ramp off a hill at the precise moment that the track kicks off, you’ll feel like a king.

‘Run to the Hills’ by Iron Maiden

The relentless, pounding thrash of the guitar is the perfect background song for a race through the countryside.

‘Ride the Lightning’ by Metallica

This song begs to be played loud, and the insanity of the drums will get your blood pumping as you rip through the muddy fields or blast your way through the woods.

‘Holy Diver’ by Dio

Not quite as hardcore as the rest of the list, this classic by Dio makes for a great song to sing along with if you’ve got your buddies along for the ride.

‘Destroy the Orcs’ by 3 Inches of Blood

A newer track, this is the perfect accompaniment for deep forest excursions that will make you feel like you’re on an old-school adventure.

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