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Billy’s Best UTV Accessories for Comfort | SBSS

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Nobody likes feeling cramped, confined, or overall uncomfy. Especially not when you’re cruising around in your UTV. Whether you’re hauling firewood or taking to the trails, safety and comfort are key. Billy’s compiled the most crucial categories for comfort and the best options available from top aftermarket brands. Follow along, and see how you can make a RZR feel like a Rolls Royce!

Most comfortable UTV Seats

When it comes to comfort, the first thing you think of is the seats. Most manufacturers understand the importance of making a comfortable, durable seat. But, this article isn’t for the most average—we want to see the best!

There are three powerhouse brands in aftermarket UTV seats. Check out some of their top-rated options.


The Dragonfire HighBack RT seats are designed to fit perfectly in a variety of top OEMs like Polaris and Yamaha. Not only does the “bucket-seat” design fit the rider like a glove, but the seating position also allows for better field of vision. If the ride gets messy, there’s a vented back for mud, water, and debris to pass through, so it doesn’t soak into the cushion. This is also Billy’s pick for the easiest-to-install aftermarket seat.


  • Removable seat cushion
  • Works with OE seat belt or 4 and 5 point harnesses
  • Vented rear section for water, dirt and sand to pass through
  • Designed to bolt directly to the OEM seat base and retains OE seat adjustment
  • Reduces side bolsters to make ingress and egress easier
  • Superior bottom and side containment
  • Higher seating position provides additional room and increased forward visibility
  • Suspension-style frame base
  • Heavy duty color- matched stitching
  • Deep bucket design makes it so you sit “in” your seat rather than “on” it
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Shop the best from Dragonfire Racing.

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Pro Armor LE Suspension UTV seats

Pro Armor had the Side By Side Stuff community’s comfort needs in mind when they engineered their suspension seats. From the inside out, this is one of the best comfort upgrades around. The high-density foam they used is perfect for shock absorption on rocky or uneven trails. With widened bolsters and seriously strong lumbar support, it feels like a luxury car! A variety of colors means it will match with any style.


  • Added lumbar support
  • Multi-density foam for less driver fatigue
  • Wide bolsters for easy entry
  • Re-enforced with K-Tex to help eliminate holes from rubbing
  • Marine grade vinyl
  • Military spec parachute cording
  • Painted black steel seat frame
  • Easy installation
  • Made in the USA

Shop the best seats and accessories from Pro Armor.

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PRP UTV seats

The “bucket seat” is almost an industry standard by now for comfort in the automotive industry. They’re so comfy in fact, they’ve become a favorite of PC gamers and the “work from home” crowd as well.

However, when we’re talking about comfort, it’s not just about how it feels while seated. To many riders, it’s more important to be able to get in and out of the seat easily. When PRP designed their RST set, they wanted the best of both worlds. They designed a seat that almost “hugs” the rider, without the overly high sidewalls for easy entry and exit. With a flatter back on the seat, it’s accommodating to larger riders as well.


  • Race-inspired style suspension seat
  • Lower sides for getting in and out of your UTV easier
  • Wider width in shoulder area
  • Perfect for bigger riders
  • Custom made in the USA

Other options include:

  • Heated seats have an 8 amp draw per seat with wiring and waterproof switch.
  • 2 Liter Water Pak (bladder type) with pouch, attaches to the seat and has a flexible tube with a bite valve for drinking on the fly.
  • Rear pockets give back seat passengers storage when installed.
  • Adjustable air lumbar support, great for those long days or tired backs. Adjust with a hand bulb type pump.
  • Optional embroidered PRP and/or RST logo available.

Browse all PRP seats.


The wrong type of harness can leave you with sore shoulders, a chafed neck or other problems. So make sure to check out the best-of-the-best for comfortable UTV harnesses.

Dragonfire Racing 2 inch 4-point harness

In a perfect mixture of security and comfort, Dragonfire Racing struck gold with their 2 inch 4-point harnesses. They are available for almost every make and model, and the high-quality nylon is ultra-durable, and comes in a wide variety of colors. The fully adjustable harness has a micro-suede collar trim that dries quickly if wet from sweat, lakewater, or anything else.

BILLY’s PRO TIP: If you plan to keep the factory seats, you can still upgrade to a Dragonfire harness. Select the optional pass-through-bevel while you shop, and you’ll be all set!


  • Designed for safety & comfort
  • Unified construction for improved integrity
  • Fully adjustable sternum clip w/elastic tension
  • Micro-suede collar trim
  • Non-slip design – retains shoulder position
  • Body contoured – improves range of motion
  • Padding on hip straps
  • Made of ballistic nylon
  • Webbing is 2 inches wide and pads are an ergonomic 3 inches wide

Browse all harnesses and accessories from Dragonfire Racing.

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PRP 3 inch 4-point harness

Riders come in all shapes and sizes so PRP integrated EZ adjusters to the shoulder straps that allow riding enthusiasts to quickly alter the belt to meet their comfort needs. Anyone who’s trekked a good amount of hours knows that stinging feeling on the back of the neck can be annoying as hell. So, for comfort, there are sewn-in pads to reduce neck chafing.


  • 4 point harness with 3 inch belts
  • Metal components are coated black
  • EZ adjusters
  • Sewn in pads
  • Removable sternum strap
  • Lap belts bolt in
  • Shoulder belts can either bolt down or wrap around the roll bar
  • Does not include mounting hardware

Get your PRP harness today.

BILLY’S PRO TIP: Belt Minders are a highly recommended option for comfort. The purpose of the Belt Minder is to keep the shoulder straps from moving too far apart on the bar behind your shoulders. That way, you stay strain-free in your seat and comfortable from the first hill to the last trail.

prp harness

Pro Armor

Pro Armor never ceases to bring some of the highest quality accessories available at Side By Side Stuff. Their 3 inch wide harness is no exception. Rated as one of the most comfortable harnesses in the game, their massive pads on the shoulders absorb some shock, and sit comfortably no matter your size.

To top it all off, there’s even an added cell phone pocket on the left chest strap. How perfect is that? If you don’t have a GoPro yet, this could be an easy way to film your times out on the trails.


  • 3 inch wide harness with sewn in padding
  • H-style harness for full adjustability and application fit up
  • Adjustable lap and sternum strap to accommodate all sized riders
  • Water resistant cell phone pocket/MP3 player
  • Mesh pocket with free LED flashlight
  • Available in a 5 point for ultimate protection and security
  • Easy to use pull down hoops
  • S.F.I. approved and tested
  • Sewn-together design for easy in and easy out
  • Made from only the highest quality materials

Find your Pro Armor harness right away.

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Cab Heaters

Billy doesn’t make it up to the tundra to hit the trails often, but when he does, a cab heater is a must-have. Nobody’s comfortable sitting there shivering—here’s the best cab heaters you can find:

Inferno UTV Cab Heater with Defrost.

Keyword: defrost. Fogging up the windshield is one thing, but when it gets frozen? It can be a pain to scrape it all off. The Inferno’s defrost feature is top-notch, as are its ease of use, and solid BTU output.

See what Inferno cab heaters can do for you today.

inferno cab heater

Ice Crusher

Not every day in the snow is going to be the same, and that’s why a variable-speed fan is crucial for comfort. There’s no point in using the cab heater if you end up opening up the windows anyway. With 3 different speeds, you can control how much of the impressive 14,600 BTUs of heat gets to you.

Being able to control the direction of the fans and its compact size make this one a top pick for UTV riders everywhere. Plus, you have the added benefit of being able to take in air from the cab as well, to recycle heat, saving energy along the way.

If you want an Ice Crusher cab heater for your vehicle, we’ve got free shipping available right now.

Ice Crusher


A breeze when cruising the trails is great—until it’s not. When the wind really starts whipping, it can start to get uncomfy in the cab. There’s a lot of windshield options to choose from, but for the discerning rider who wants to stay protected but still get airflow, a vented windshield is best. Here are the top two vented windshields picked by Billy,available from Side By Side Stuff:

Seizmik Versa Vent Hard Coated Front Windshield.

This rugged windshield is composed of high-quality polycarbonate, and the defogging vents that come with it are made of incredibly resilient glass-filled nylon. Gaskets around the vents keep water from getting in while it’s raining or when you’re flying through puddles. The windshield’s ultra-strong nylon clamps were specifically designed with the UTV rider in mind and won’t get in the way of any other extra toys you might want to install.


  • 0.220 inch thick two-sided hard coated polycarbonate provides maximum visibility
  • Durable vents made of glass-filled Nylon to last
    Gasket sealed components protect against wind and water intrusion
  • Custom designed, strong, glass-filled Nylon clamps are low profile so they do not interfere with other accessories
  • Vents have fully adjustable, easy-to-use louver for variable airflow
  • Incoming air can be directed at the inside window surface to create a defog mode to help prevent fogging
  • Easy to turn knobs make installation a breeze
  • Compatible with Seizmik accessories such as mirrors
  • Works with most roofs (requires factory header panel for windshield installation)
    Trailerable to 65 mph

Start by purchasing your Seizmik Windshield today to protect you on even the dustiest trails.

Aero-Vent Front Lexan Windshield by Falcon Ridge.

This quarter inch thick polycarbonate windshield is up to 250x stronger than glass, and is designed to last. It also features siding vents to offer a little breeze when you want it—and a proper seal when you don’t.


  • Crafted with professional grade quarter inch polycarbonate to provide maximum durability and visibility
  • Aero-Vent system allows users to adjust the amount of airflow for for maximum comfort
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Easy to follow step-by-step installation and care instructions are included
  • Made in the USA

BILLY’S PRO TIP: After finding that perfect windshield for your machine, you’re going to want to make sure it lasts. Upgrading with a hard coating helps to prevent scratches or gouges when out exploring those rougher trails. With the MR10’s ability to prevent abrasions but still provide crystal clear clarity, this hard coating meets all your windshield needs!

falcon ridge windshields, aero vent windshield

Next-level comfort for less

Aftermarket upgrades always offer some benefit. For those that like cruising in the lane of luxury, you’re sure to find the most comfortable accessories at Side By Side Stuff. With the right seats, harnesses, windshields, and more, you’re sure to get more out of every mile.

Shop Side By Stuff for all of your accessory needs.


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