Whether you are driving your Honda Pioneer 1000 in the middle of summer or through the coldest days of winter, the outside elements can make for an uncomfortable cruise.  Bugs, rain or the cold chill can deter you from taking your UTV down the road and can sometimes be flat out annoying.  The best solution to this problem is adding a windshield to your Pioneer. At Side By Side Stuff we know that by adding a windshield to your machine you are able to extend your riding season and increase your comfort allowing you to ride in even the harshest conditions.


Whether you’re up against snow flurries or blistering heat, at Side by Side Stuff we want to give you some great options to find a windshield that best suits your needs.  For the Honda Pioneer 1000, we offer full or half windshields and even a flip up style to allow for open air riding.


Before the elements get to be too much to handle, take a look at our Honda Pioneer 1000 windshield options at Side By Side Stuff.



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