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Bombshell Gear | Strategic and Tactical UTV Storage Solutions

Bombshell Gear has taken the offroad community by storm with their unique take on a UTV storage system. The bags are sleek in appearance, and they bring a whole new meaning to compartmentalization. We’ve had the pleasure of having a chat with Ryan Wagoner, the founder, and got a first-hand glimpse at what he and Bombshell Gear is all about. Let’s dig in!

Ryan Wagoner was a man with a mission. Being an offroad enthusiast and an outdoorsman himself, he appreciates the rugged lifestyle and all that comes with it. Once Wagoner really got into the ride, it was evident that efficiently storing his gear was not an option, which seemed to be an issue with most UTV crusaders. Between his own personal demands for proper storage and those of other riders, he decided it was time to act.

Having a history in law enforcement, SWAT, K9, and public safety, it was clear to Wagoner that the aftermarket world needed more options for containing “stuff.” The bag not only had to be durable, but it also had to be strategically useful for a multitude of riders. That’s where the idea for MOLLE came about.

MOLLE or Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment is one of the most versatile technologies on the face of the planet. When paired with 1000D Denier Nylon coated Cordura and meeting the same standards as the United States defense, you have yourself an aftermarket bag built for battle. Even the pouches are made tough with fade-resistant technology fit for the rugged offroad environment.

A testament to their durability is that these bad boys are field-tested with ruthless determination to prove they’ve got the grit for the territory. The Desert Vets Race Team takes the universal bags for a ride to research how the aftermarket accessories hold up in the harsh.

The bags are an outstanding addition to any machine application from a Polaris Ranger to a Can-Am Maverick. They also cater to a wide variety of demands from hardcore rippers needing to store ride gear to hunters needing to store their piece. These pouches can be packed full of your stuff without getting wet, ruined, or rustling around, causing chaos.

Side By Side Stuff is proud to have added the Bombshell Gear door bags to our arsenal of aftermarket parts and accessories. Wagoner said it right when he stated, “Our brand was developed and shaped by my life’s experiences and my passions.” The stellar SxS door bags are a direct reflection of providing the offroad community with durable, tactical, and strategic options for compartmentalization regardless of how you rip.

To get your hands on one of these outstanding aftermarket UTV accessories, hit up and put some strategy in the way you gear up for terrain war.

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