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Side by Side Cab Enclosure Comparison Guide | SBSS

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Open-air riding is great—but what happens when the wind is whipping, or the drizzle starts? An enclosed cab on your side by side protects the interior of the vehicle—making for easy temperature control and protection from wind and the elements.

As any rider knows, one size does not fit all with aftermarket UTV accessories. Some may need security, while others want a simple buffer between themselves and the brush. Whether it’s a whole enclosure or half cab enclosure, you’re sure to find what you need in this guide. Find the best UTV cab enclosures today!

What is a cab enclosure?

Most side by sides are open air—meaning they typically don’t have doors or side windows. So if you want a fully-enclosed side by side, a DIY can enclosure upgrade is the way to go. A cab enclosure is the aftermarket solution that riders use to protect themselves from wind and debris. Available in soft, zippable, and highly durable models or sturdy, robust hardshell options, both offer the comfort, aerodynamics, and utility that side by side riders love.

Hard enclosure vs. soft enclosure

Hard cab enclosures for UTVs are just as strong and resilient as the rest of your vehicle, because they are made of the same materials. Steel, high-performance carbon fiber, and professionally molded plastics make up the materials of a hard enclosure so they are just as strong as the OEM parts they fit into. Hard enclosures are more permanent and often require machine modifications, so if you’re not into modding your vehicle, read on about soft enclosures.

See the best available hard enclosures from HardCabs.

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A soft cab enclosure provides protection from wind, rain, debris and brush, at a lower price point with a simpler installation. It’s also a less-permanent solution that requires no modding. Made of high-quality vinyl and heavy-duty, waterproof polyester, soft cab enclosures are the modular, easy-to-install choice for UTV riders who don’t require the level of protection of a hard cab enclosure.

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Full UTV enclosure vs. partial UTV enclosure

A full UTV cab enclosure comes equipped with a soft windshield, whereas a partial UTV cab enclosures come in different flavors, allowing you to customize your coverage in a number of ways.

These different combinations can complement whatever your existing components are. Some potential combinations include:

  • Top, rear panel, and doors
  • Just side doors and top
  • Only doors and rear window
  • Rear window
  • Top

Every rider looking for a cab enclosure wants to benefit from 360 degree protection and improved climate control. However, many Side By Side Stuff fans have already upgraded their windshield, and don’t want to cover it with another layer.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix, and don’t want to spend extra money on a windshield, the full enclosure is the pick for you. On the other hand, if you’ve already upgraded to an aftermarket windshield, check out partial UTV enclosures.

Need to upgrade your windshield too?

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What is the best cab enclosure for your side by side?

With an enclosed cab side by side, riding year-round is a lot easier in colder climates. A partially enclosed cab UTV for the already-upgraded vehicles keeps your view clear while adding a serious upgrade in safety. For those who need the fastest upgrade , soft cab enclosures can’t be beat. If the perfect look is important, and you’re rocking doors and windows year-round, it’s all about the hard-style cab enclosures.

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you need most! Don’t feel like you have to sacrifice one need for another—Side By Side Stuff has a cab enclosure for any style of riding and the widest selection around.

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