A clean UTV windshield is essential for your safety and enjoyment. If you have invested in a custom-fitted, high-quality polycarbonate windshield for your side by side, it’s imperative that you understand how to care for it properly.  While your windshield may encounter tree branches, mud, rocks, dust, rain, snow, ice etc., it’s you who can cause the most damage without proper care.

No matter what brand of polycarbonate your windshield is, Lexan, Tuffak, Makrolon; a polycarbonate windshield requires special care. Some customers assume that they can clean polycarbonate surfaces the same way they would clean an automotive glass windshield, DO NOT CLEAN YOUR POLYCARB WINDSHIELD LIKE YOU WOULD GLASS, polycarbonate material is very different. Follow these simple cleaning instructions and your polycarbonate windshield will last you a long time.

Windshield Cleaning Instructions

  • Thoroughly rinse windshield to wet the surface and to float off dirt and mud
  • Using a damp soft or microfiber cloth, clean the windshield side to side with warm water and a gentle soap or detergent
    • Baby shampoo, liquid dish soap or hand washing soap are recommended
  • Thoroughly rinse with clean water
  • To prevent water spots, use a chamois or moist cellulose sponge and blot windshield dry




NEVER use a dry cloth, or your hands, to wipe off windshield; scratching will occur.

NEVER use abrasive cleaners, toothpaste, alkaline cleaners, abrasive pads, or gritty cloths on your windshield.

NEVER scrape your windshield with squeegees, razor blades or other sharp instruments.

NEVER scrub hard or use brushes on your windshield.

NEVER scrub in a circular motion, use a side to side motion softly.

NEVER use window cleaning fluids (Windex, 409, etc.) or any solvents (gasoline, denatured alcohol, acetone, etc.) on your windshield.

NEVER clean your windshield in the hot sun or at elevated temperatures.


kolpin-full-tilting-windshield-maverick-4There are cleaners that can be purchased made specifically for polycarbonate UTV windshields, however,  we recommend thoroughly researching those before use.

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Your polycarbonate UTV windshield is stronger and lighter than glass, however it will scratch a lot easier. Proper care is critical to prevent this from happening. If you think that scratching will be inevitable in your environment, we recommend a hard coat upgrade. Hard coats, such as MR10 and AR2, help to resist scratching and will increase the longevity of your UTV windshield.

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