When riding around in snowy, slushy conditions, safety should be first on your mind. We can’t stress enough how important a clear UTV windshield is and not being able to see while behind the wheel of any vehicle is super dangerous! Whether you’ve invested in a high quality windshield like our DOT Full Hard Coated Windshield by EMP or if you’re still rocking the standard, we’ll tell you how to keep ‘em clean!

Though your first thought may be to grab the nearest bottle of Windex, that may do more harm than good depending on what your windshield is made of. Any household cleaner can cause major damage to a polycarbonate windshield due to one thing: ammonia! You should also be cautious as to what you’re using to clean with. Abrasive pads and dry cloths could cause unwanted scratches that could be hard to repair.

Cleaning Instructions for a Polycarbonate UTV Windshield


If you’re in need of a replacement windshield, there are loads of options to consider. If you live in an area with consistent wet/rainy weather, you should probably look into a windshield with attached wipers. For those who live in the opposite climate, there are plenty of detachable UTV windshields as well so you can really enjoy those nice days and not even have to worry about cleaning it off after a ride!

A clear windshield equals a safe ride and though certain cleaning methods seem like a hassle, it’ll pay off in the end. Find the UTV windshield fit for your side by side on our website and enjoy the view!


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