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EPI Performance Parts: Grabbing You by the Seat of Your Pants Clutch Kits


Side By Side Stuff is proud to put EPI, a leading brand in the industry, in the offroad limelight. It’s no easy feat to keep up with the performance demands of UTV enthusiasts, whether utilizing their rig for work or adventure. The fact is there isn’t a machine that comes equipped to handle the beating incurred hauling, towing, or trailing over long periods. EPI has taken matters into their own hands by providing farmers and adrenaline junkies with aftermarket hard parts that dramatically increase their buggy’s performance while being durable enough to handle ride abuse.

EPI began their clutch building journey in 1991, out of a basement and have been pumping out quality aftermarket clutch systems for a multitude of applications ever since. Now that they have grown into operating out of a large industrial park in Baxter, Minnesota they’ve mastered other high-performance driveline components, suspension accessories, and seals too. Not only did they carefully engineer the UTV hard parts, but they have also tested their goods on every machine and ran them rampant until they were proud enough to put their name on it.

Before we dig into these “by the seat of your pants” clutch kits, let’s talk whys. We all know that each side by side manufacturer, Can-Am, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Honda, and others work hard to design buggy’s that can do the deed and do it well. When they start designing those OEM clutches, they are for a broad spectrum of activity.  In other words, the same system for hauling, towing, sand, mud, packed dirt, pavement, etc. It’s impossible to reach peak performance potential for all those circumstances, with the exact same system. This is where EPI stepped in and created an aftermarket clutch kit specified to each scenario.

Now, prepare to get excited as we dive headfirst into all the benefits these outstanding SxS clutch kits have to offer. Buckle up crusaders, it’s about to get real!

You can expect one heck of an increase in throttle response with each EPI clutch kit. Why you ask? The answer is quicker back shifting. Back shifting happens when you take your foot off the accelerator then commence to pounding the pedal. At that moment you put your foot to the floor you want your throttle response to hit peak RPM immediately. Some other sweet features are the reduction of belt slippage and clutch heat, along with an increase in low-end, mid-range, and / or top-end acceleration. Up next we’re going to determine which clutch kit does what and who it benefits the most!

EPI Sport Utility Clutch Kit:

This aftermarket kit is just right for trailblazers and farmers, meant to tear up the trail or hauling and towing. The UTV system applies to several machines, to name a few Polaris Ranger, Can-Am Commander, and Arctic Cat Prowler.

EPI Mudder Clutch Kit:

Do you find yourself staring down the barrel of deep mud pits? This UTV Mudder kit is screaming your name. This SxS system can navigate those massive mud tires while restoring any power loss you received after you mounted them.  Applicable machines range from a Kawasaki Teryx to a Polaris General and many in between.

EPI Economy Clutch Kit:

The Economy kit is just right for casual trail riders. This bad boy is compatible with any size tires at any elevation. Best applicable with machines like the Kawasaki Mule.

EPI Sand Dune Clutch Kit:

If you’re a rough rider who loves nothing more than to open your rig wide open through the sand, this is the clutch kit for you. They are designed for high elevation and holding peak power during the incline and are available for multiple SxS’ from Can-Am Mavericks to Polaris RZRs.

We take pride in providing the offroad community with aftermarket parts and accessories that will increase the quality of their UTV experience.  Offering top-notch performance kits like those branded by EPI are amongst those brag-worthy parts! Be sure to browse so you can put the wow-factor in your offroad adventure.

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