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Honda Talon 1000R and 1000X Parts and Accessories

What to say about the Honda Talon? This was probably one of the most anticipated unveilings on the face of the planet. People already trust the Honda brand because their reliability is undeniable. When they decided to take the plunge into the pure-sport vehicle world, it had people chomping at the bit! Anyone who’s gotten their hands on this mean machine knows what all the fuss was about.

The Talon comes in two flavors, 1000R and 1000X. Really, the only significant difference is the width and the ground clearance. If you’re more of a trail rider, the 1000X will do the deed being 64-inches in width with 14.6/15.1-inches of travel suspension. For those who like to sail those wide-open spaces, the 1000R sports 17.7/20.1-inches of travel suspension while being 68.4-inches wide!

There’s no question that Honda has lived up to the hype as this terrain beating buggy is making a name for itself. The handling is spot on and who doesn’t love the dual-clutch integration! Along with the double-clutching, the rig has an I-4WD system that will lock that differential right up, in the opportune moment.

Side By Side Stuff gives this rig major props. It looks good, feels good, and it gets the job done on any terrain! To beef up your ride, even more, check out the vast selection of aftermarket UTV parts and accessories we offer for performance, cosmetic, and comfort gains.

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