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How to Outfit Your Polaris RZR for Winter Riding

How can you the difference between a real diehard side by side enthusiast and one who’s more of a fair weather fan? The real side by side enthusiasts don’t stash their vehicles away in the garage just because there’s a little snow on the ground.  A side by side is an ideal vehicle for wintertime excursions into the wilderness, whether you’re white tailed deer hunting, ice fishing, or just riding the trails. Polaris is known for making some of the most innovative and powerful side by side vehicles on the market, and the RZR is no exception. In order to ensure that your Polaris RZR is up to the task of winter riding, make sure to install these important Polaris RZR accessories.

Keep Warm

If you live in a cold climate, the first thing you should look into is a side by side cab heater. A UTV can get pretty chilly, especially if you’re heading out in the early morning hours for some hunting. It’s important to make sure that you can keep warm in the face of subzero temperatures and biting winds, and a can heater is a must have accessory for anyone who wishes to take their side by side out for a ride in the winter.

Plow the Way

One of the best things about the Polaris RZR is its versatility. Not only is it powerful enough to take on the snowy terrain, you can even attach a snow plow to the front of it to clear your driveway. The side by side is a great recreational vehicle, but it can be a massive help as a utility vehicle this winter.

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