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Kubota RTV X900: The Working-Class Machine

The Kubota RTV X900 vastly became one of the most popular working utility vehicles in the world. Farmers and ranchers from countries around the globe have listed this workhorse as their country-living dream machine. Its well-rounded work ethic paired with a farm-tough build brings significant efficiency and function to backbreaking chores. Why don’t we take a closer look at what makes this UTV one of the industry’s best sellers?

Kubota engineered this hardworking machine with the grit of a pick-up, the power of a tractor, and the agility of a recreation vehicle. It’s sporting a 3-cylinder, 4-cycle diesel engine with a VHT-X power steering assembly and transmission. The 4-wheel drive UTV has independent suspension and peaks at 16.1 RPMs of pure unadulterated horsepower. Mechanically, it’s everything you could ask for in a working-class beast of a buggy.

Now let’s check out the goods, the benefits that come beyond the drive performance. The Kubota RTV X900 features a 1300-pound tow capacity matched with a whopping 1102-pound bed load rating. You could dang-near completely replace your one-ton with the beef this UTV is packing. Whether you’re out mending fences, feeding cattle, or it’s harvest time, this Kubota has the grit to get it done, effectively and conveniently.

Though Kubota set the rig up with work ethic and perseverance, there are always ways to increase performance, comfort, and practicality. Side By Side Stuff is here to help with that! We have a respectable selection of Kubota RTV X900 parts and accessories from aftermarket windshields, roofs, and body accessories to offroad wheel and tire kits. We could also give you a rundown on all the UTV plows and implements we supply, but that would take all day, and there is work to be done.

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