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MTX Audio | Can-Am Maverick X3 Thunder Kit Series – Feel the Thunder

As the Powersports industry continues to grow, so does the demand for intense UTV audio kits. It makes perfect sense as music heightens emotions and, when combined with adrenaline-charged adventure… There is no better experience than combining braaap with beats. MTX gets it, obviously. They have taken the offroad community by “storm” with their interpretation of side-by-side sound systems that give you the ability to “feel the thunder.”

Though MTX Audio constructs aftermarket sound solutions for many Powersports applications, there is a new kit in town. This system is engineered strictly for the Can-Am Maverick X3. That’s right, Stuff Junkies, this unit is designed for those who take shredding terrain to another level. Riding in some of the most arduous unkempt topography, you’re going to need a little something-something that can withstand your ride style, right? Thus, MTX Audio birthed the Maverick X3 Thunder Kit Series. Now, Side By Side Stuff is going to give you the low-down on the effects.

The Can-Am audio kits come in a few different flavors regarding how many speakers you get for blasting tunes. Everything else is the same, from the UTV media player to the dash unit. All kits feature a plug-and-play installation and are built for buggy-busting battle. Why don’t we buckle up and get down to the nitty-gritty with these dynamic modules?

Bluetooth Media Controller

Okay, before we get all techy here, can we just appreciate the aesthetic behind the Maverick X3 Bluetooth Media Controller? This is clean as all get out with a three-inch full-color TFT display and backlit control buttons. The bottom line, this puppy looks pretty radical. Regarding the inner bonus features, the media player has AM, FM, and WB tuning with Bluetooth audio streaming and is set up with SiriusXM Radio. However, the tuner is not included. It’s also got an internal power amplifier. Why is that significant? That is more power for pushing them, speakers. Speaking of speakers…

Lower Speaker Pods

Now, you’re going to hear this more than once. Check out the aggression with this construction. The 6.5-inch coaxial speaker is fully loaded with RGB lighting to add eye candy with the sweet sounds. MTX custom formed these SxS speakers to compliment the factory Maverick X3 kick panel, again, aesthetically banging! They don an all-weather build complete with a UV inhibitor. In layman’s terms, you can #JustSendIt while the speakers spit tunes without so much as a pause. Plus, they come with a one-of-a-kind adjustable mounting bracket. But wait, there’s more!

Upper Speaker Pods

Just like the lower pods, the upper Can-Am speaker pods have an all-weather construction with UV inhibitors. It ensures these bad boys are doing what they do, regardless of your ride style. They are a four-inch 50-watt coaxial component. These UTV speakers also have a unique quick-mount design known as R.A.A.D. It delivers more music to your ear than any other. Talk about maximizing audio performance. Still, there is another set that can be added to the mix.

Tower Speakers

Get a surround sound experience when you opt for an eight-speaker Thunder Kit. This Maverick X3 sound system includes a set of SxS weather-resistant 6.5-inch tower speakers. You can bet these suckers have some serious grit. They are formed with an ABS impact-resistant grill with a UV inhibitor, which is totally necessary with where these speakers mount up. Slap them directly to your roll bar, pick your favorite color and enjoy your cab feeling the thunder with your favorite tune. Now to move on to where they get their power.


There are two different amp units, one a compact component that allows installation…anywhere. Like everything else stamped MTX, they are constructed tough with a conformal coated printed circuit board that wards off moisture. These suckers have high and low input levels, while one Can-Am amp is a 600 watter with high-efficiency class D topology and the other dishing 400-watts RMS, both with fixed crossovers. Next up… boom, boom, boom!


When it comes to vibrating you into another musical realm… this right here. These UTV subwoofers are made to make the inside of your cab dance. They’re super easy to slap into the rig. Plus, they are engineered to hang out under the driver and passenger seat, out of the way. The industry first 12-inch 300-watt custom-made Maverick X3 subs are sealed waterproof, so go right on ahead and go neck-deep… we dare you. Now, to add some more badassery.

Dash Kit

To tie everything together while adding practical use and enhance appearance is the side-by-side dash kit that was strictly designed to fit the Maverick X3 to a tee. This component is prime housing for the Bluetooth media controller and looks like it was put there straight out of the factory. Except, this guy was formed with way more gumption, obviously, to accommodate your white-knuckle ride style.

What makes the Can-Am Maverick X3 Thunder Series so rad is the many options available to allow individual riders to get their fix in their own way. Regardless of how many speakers you want to shoot sound waves through your cab, you can bet the quality will be high in construction and performance. MTX has been doing their thing for a fat minute… over 40 years, to be exact. They know what’s good. If you’re looking for some beats to your braaap, tap the link below and get your purchase on!

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