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The Motorhead Garage talks with MudBusters’ Robert Hill, a product developer, about what makes UTV fender flares tick. What their purpose is and all about the newly upgraded construction. We don’t know about you, but these sxs accessories have become a must regardless of ride style.

What’s one universal off-road faux pas?

There are a million different ride styles. Why? Because the planet is our playground in the Powersports world. Though each type comes with various transgressions, one thing is universal. Mess. That’s where MudBusters Fender Flares come into play.

Whether you choose to ride, be it for work, hunting, or playing, off-road traveling causes a mess. Mud, dirt, sand, murky water, rocks, snow, you name it, cause a bike to get filthy. It’s one of the reasons nearly all enthusiasts opt to upgrade with a set of UTV fender extensions.

Benefits of sidexside fender flares:
  • Reduces clean-up
  • Adds a layer of protection to the plastics
  • Protects passengers from spray
  • Assists in keeping spray out of the cab
New and Improved

One of the complaints with fender flares across the board is the inability to withstand extreme heat and cold. Folks in climates like Arizona found these units sagging due to the devil’s fire spewing from Mother Nature. While in the Northern states, they were experiencing the flares getting brittle and breaking. 

MudBusters took in what their customers had to say. As a result, they redeveloped the side-by-side accessories with a higher grade of plastic called HMWPE. HMWPE, or high-molecular-weight polyethylene, is a heavy-duty plastic that is tolerant to temperatures, hot and cold.

This ground-breaking reconstruction killed two birds with one stone. Now, riders in all climates can enjoy the benefits of a cleaner cab and protection with the more stable HMW engineering.

Will this fit your make and model?

MudBustes forms these fender flares to work seamlessly with many machine applications. They are custom designed using OEM specs to mount to the car’s fender plastics, complementing the factory contours. These kits come with detailed instructions and hardware, making installation nothing more than slinging wrenches. 

Machine Applications:
  • Arctic Cat
  • Can-Am
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Polaris
  • Yamaha
Meeting Individual Demands

As stated above, Mudbusters fender flares are not a one-size-fits-all, nor are they a one-trick pony. These aftermarket accessories come in different sizes according to ride style. It boils down to how you ride and what coverage you want. 

Understanding how you ride is crucial in choosing the correct size of fender flares. For example, some wider machines can’t go all out with coverage because it limits ride activity or the width of trails people can venture through. 

Fender Sizes
  • Max Coverage – offers the lowest amount of courage while keeping the machine width reduced for trail riding and other narrow locations.
  • Super Max – offers a bit more coverage than the max, ideal for enthusiasts with aftermarket wheels, lifts, or wheel spacers.
  • Ultra Max – offers the maximum coverage, ideal for enthusiasts with aftermarket wheels, lifts, or wheel spacers. 

The installation of the UTV fender flares is not difficult, requiring nothing more than a few rivets in most cases. It isn’t very time-consuming, leaving less time in the garage and more time doing what you do best. 

What’s not to want?

There is no question that investing in fender flares will change the way you Powersports altogether. They reduce mess while adding protection and aesthetic gains. So, what’s not to want?

To outfit your ride with MudBusters Fender Flares, get your purchase on at Side By Side Stuff.

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