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Must-Have Polaris Ranger Accessories


A side by side is a perfect vehicle for off road enthusiasts, and the Polaris Ranger is the gold standard for power and versatility. The Polaris Ranger has all the power you’d expect from an off-road vehicle, while also having tons more storage and cargo space than a standard UTV. The Polaris Ranger has attracted a dedicated following for being the perfect blend of power and convenience, and it has become the vehicle of choice for many outdoor enthusiasts. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase of a Ranger, you’ll want to install some important add-ons and accessories, so that you’ll be prepared to meet the kinds of tough situations you’ll encounter in an off-road environment.

Storage Racks

One of the first Polaris Ranger accessories you should look into getting is a tough, reliable storage rack. Though a side by side has plenty more cargo space than most off-road vehicles, you’ll still want some extra space if you plan on taking your Ranger camping or hunting, or if you need to haul some heavy gear out to a work site. A storage rack will greatly increase your ability to carry cargo, while still keeping your vehicle lightweight and not sacrificing any power. It’s a must-have for serious outdoor enthusiasts.

Winch System

Let’s get real. No matter how careful you are, if you spend enough time out in the wilderness, there’s always the chance that you could get stuck. Whether it’s deep mud or just rough terrain, even the most experienced side by side drivers can get stuck now and again. When that happens, you’ll need some way to get yourself unstuck, and there’s no more reliable method than a winch system. A winch is a simple, inexpensive tool that will be worth its weight in gold when you get stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

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