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Octane Ridge | Filling a Niche in the UTV Market

Before purchasing your side by side, like many of us do, you probably did some research to decide which brand and model vehicle best suits your needs as well as a price point that works for your budget. Great, now you’ve made a decision and brought your new toy home and are one happy camper. Aside from riding of course, you’re ready to start shopping for aftermarket accessories to make your machine unique to you. If you went with a brand of SxS that is not as popular or as expensive as industry leading brands, like Can-Am or Polaris, then you might notice that finding accessories can sometimes be a pain as they can be scarce when shopping online. Most of these machines are still great vehicles at great value; aftermarket manufacturer and powersports distributor Octane Ridge recognized the need for accessories for these side by sides and has taken the initiative to bring a solution to the UTV market.

Missouri based company, Octane Ridge, was established in 2015 after founder Scott Harper saw a gap in the UTV market. As there was plenty of aftermarket parts for industry leading brands like Polaris and Can Am, Harper noticed there wasn’t much out there for brands like CF Moto or even Honda. Knowing the possibility of success in meeting the demand of consumers looking for products for these machines, Harper put together a plan to fill the hole in the UTV market.

Octane Ridge Alpha Doors

He began by designing a set of doors for the CF Moto ZForce SxS as well as windshields for various UTV models. Harper’s investment quickly gained momentum and progressed into full blown operation, not only was Octane Ridge manufacturing parts they grew into becoming a successful powersports distributor, making their debut at the AIMExpo in 2016. To date, Octane Ridge continues to keep the momentum rolling by providing the highest quality parts and accessories for side by side dealers and giving dealers access to products they can’t get anywhere else.

Honda Pioneer UTV Windshield Octane Ridge

With the success of their Alpha Doors, Wildfire Bumpers and wide variety of UTV windshields, Octane Ridge continues to design premium aftermarket accessories with cutting edge designs primarily focusing on brands like CFMOTO and Honda as well as developing universal products like their Electric UTV Wiper System for hard-coated windshields. Not only do they offer great products, they up the ante by providing clear and easy to follow installation instructions and installation videos for their products.


The original Alpha Doors made by Octane Ridge have been discontinued and replaced by the Alpha 2.0 Doors made by Dirt Specialties, click here to view the product. 

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  1. Door you make a version of your z800 doors shorter in the front, where the top 1/3 is not there, only the bottom flat area

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