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Rockcrusher Portal Box 4″ Lift Kit for Can-Am or Polaris.

The first step in customizing your UTV for most owners is a new set of rims with larger than factory tires. With so many aftermarket tire and wheel combinations available, the customization possibilities are endless. You can change the color of your rims, change the wheel offset, upsize the diameter from a 12″ to a 14″ or larger and even go with a wider rim.

Just like the custom wheels, tire options for your Side By Side are endless as well. You can choose an all purpose tire, sand tire, mud tire, rock crawling tire or even a street tire. Like the rim option, you can also choose a taller and wider tire but doing so can lead to tire clearance issues and often requires adding a lift kit to your machine. Adding a lift kit to your UTV adds stress and additional strains that can be hard on your machine, this problem is easily solved by installing the Portal Box Gear Lift system by Rockcrusher.

Rockcrusher’s Portal Box Lift system eliminates alot of those inherent stresses and strains by raising your Side By Side 4 inches by way of the gear housing offset and also reduces the gearing by about 30% helping to keep the loads on your drive train down even with big mud tires installed. With this system you are really accomplishing several things, 1) lifting your rig by 4 inches, 2) spacing the wheels out by 1.75 inches on each side and 3) gearing the drive train down which reduces the overall drive train stress and reduces the worries of an axle failing while out on the trail.


Unlike a traditional lift kit, with the Rockcrusher Portal Gear Lift, your axles will remain at their factory angles. The Gear Lift housings are manufactured from 6160 aircraft grade billet aluminum with three 8620 heat treated steel gears running on industrial grade wheel bearings with the axle input and spindle output sealed from mud, debris and water with high-grade double-lipped seals. The Gear Lift system works with ALL factory and aftermarket parts however a rim diameter of 14″ or larger is required for inside clearance of the Portal Box itself. The Portal Box is designed to be used mainly for lower speed applications, it can be used at full speed however it’s not recommended for long durations.

One of the best features of the Portal Lift by Rockcrusher is the system lifts all suspension component giving you maximum underbelly clearance from tire to tire. Other lift kits raise the center of the underbelly however the outer parts of the suspension are not lifted making those parts vulnerable to hang ups on rocks, stumps etc. The Portal Lift by Rockcrusher is truly a full vehicle lift system.
Product Features:

  • Gear precision-cut on a Barber-Coleman gear hobber from heavy-duty, 8620 alloy steel and are heat treated to 55-60 Rockwell
  • Boxes precesion-CNC machined from heat-treated 6061 aircraft-grade billet aluminum
  • Provides approximately 4” of lift
  • 1:1:4 gear reduction (about 30%)
  • Adds approximately 3.5” to total track width
  • Maintain factory drivelines
  • Retain factory tie rod angles
  • Retain factory shock and suspension angles
  • Rides and steers like factory
  • Bolt-on application
  • Compatible with all aftermarket high clearance control arms, lower control arms, trailing arms
  • Step-by-step photo instructions
  • Backed by a 12 month warranty with a $100.00 deductible. Must mail in warranty card to manufacturer within 30 days of purchase.
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*Update 7/8/2015*

This item is no longer available at, for a portal gear lift we recommend the Super ATV Gear Driven Performance Portal Lift.

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