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The Evolution Of The ACE

In 2014 an entirely new type of off-road vehicle was introduced by Polaris, the Sportsman ACE.  It redefined off-roading with its revolutionary, sit-in chassis that combines the nimble handling of an ATV with the security and car like controls of a side by side. Originally this innovative machine was geared to the novice rider that may be intimated by the riding position on an ATV while providing the comfort or a roll cage, seat belt and a high back seat. The ACE truly appeals to a number of riders for countless reasons.

The ACE is the perfect compromise between an ATV and a side by side for the guys and gals who prefer to ride solo or who may be limited financially.  Also, in most cases, it can be hauled in the bed of a full size pick-up truck.  Accessible to more riders than ever before, the ACE offers unprecedented ease of entry and exit to the driver’s seat that greatly appeals to people with physical limitations, weather age or injury that makes riding a traditional ATV or two person side by side difficult. Obviously its compact ATV size allows access to trails that are too narrow for a full size side by sides, making it more desirable for thetight woods rider.  Although this fun machine would satisfy many, a few were still left wondering what more power might feel like?


In 2015, Polaris introduced the ACE 570 and the ACE 570 SP with more features and more horsepower. The 570 engine has always been an overachiever, whether in the sportsman chassis or the RZR, and in the ACE it is every bit as impressive.  Compared to the 2014’s 32 HP 330cc engine, this 45 HP, 570cc, liquid cooled, single cylinder Pro-Star 570 was a game changer, finally making the ACE a true performance vehicle. It didn’t take long for the Polaris ACE 570 to get to take its place on the racetrack; sanctioned racing events, like GNCC, adopted the ACE in its own class which only helped further gain popularity for the fun filled machine.

So here we are, in the midst of wondering what is the next evolutionary step for the ACE?  Prior to Polaris’s 2016 model lineup…..with machines like High Lifter’s ACE 1000 “Spider Monkey” we thought about a higher horsepower ACE and if it could hang the RZR XP 1000 in the right scenario?


Polaris has taken the next step by introducing big power for the ACE with a 60 HP, 900cc. liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder ProStar engine, featuring both Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and Electronic Throttle Control (ETC). A giant leap in power from the Ace 570, the ACE 900 SP is built for performance making it a top candidate for trail riders from any terrain.

So what’s the next level in the evolutionary process for the ACE? Only time will tell what ACEes Polaris has up their sleeves, but you can bet, at Side By Side Stuff, we’re excited to see how the new ACE 900 SP plays out with consumers, as well as in the racing scene.

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