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Rogue Innovations Windscreens: Bug Buster Windscreens & Rogue Powerscreens

Gone is the day where you have to worry about a windshield that is subject to visibility impairing mud, scratches and that ever annoying sun glare. Rogue Innovations has a solution for your UTV with their Bug Buster and Rouge Powerscreen line of windscreens.

This unique product is made from a durable mesh windscreen that keeps your visibility clear while still maintaining cab airflow that is blocked by a traditional windshield. Improved airflow not only keeps the occupants cool but helps move dust and debris out of the cab where a traditional windshield creates a vacuum trapping dust and debris inside the vehicle. Keep the benefits of not having a windshield while still retaining the safety benefits of blocking bugs, rocks, mud and other debris from entering your vehicle.

Heavy duty polypropylene webbing with a tensile strength of 1500 lbs. provides the structure of the windscreen. Durable foam neoprene with a slip resistant backing and marine grade zippers ensure the windscreen remains taut. The mesh material itself is ultra-durable, flame retardant and provides optimal clarity while also passing a 110 mph wind tunnel test. UV resistant thread holds everything together and ensures the windscreen won’t break down, even with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Because the screen is a mesh material, it provides no flat surface for dust to “settle” on, providing a clear view for the driver and mud can be easily removed with a simple “flick” of the screen. Another great feature, you can tow your machine with the bug buster installed and not worry about bowing, cracks forming or your windshield coming off while in tow.

If you own a sport side by side, Rogue Innovations offers the Rogue Powerscreen line of windscreens. For those of you who own a utility side by side, Rogue Innovations offers the Bug Buster line of windscreens.

Rogue Innovations Windscreens are made in America with high-strength, UV-resistant material that is resistant to tearing and scratching. Rogue Innovations has gone to great lengths to source only high quality materials for use in the windscreens which are manufactured by hand in its Dallas Texas facility.

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