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Rugged Radios – The Authority In Side By Side Communications

Whether you’re maneuvering thorough tight trails in your Kawasaki Teryx or speeding across the desert in your Polaris RZR, being able to communicate with your passenger or another vehicle can be critical in some situations.  Communications have become a standard for side by side enthusiasts and UTV race teams; at Side By Side Stuff we offer the latest in headset, intercom, and 2-way communications from Rugged Radios, the authority in communications.

At Side By Side Stuff we offer several Rugged Radio packages to make it easy to get exactly what you want without the headache of figuring out what you need. An assortment of 2-person and 4-person intercom system packages are available with a variety of headset options to make in car chat clear, comprehensive, easy and hands free.

2-place and 4-place intercoms come standard with a universal 3.5mm or rear Quick Lock music port so to enjoy your favorite tunes. For your convenience, the music automatically mutes when conversation begins between the driver and passenger and softly rises back up to volume when the conversation ends. Easy to install and adapts to almost any external device, Rugged Radios Intercoms combines race proven performance, total VOX (Voice Operated Transmission) control between driver and passenger, and aluminum extrusion construction for total circuit shielding.

Your communication system shouldn’t restrict comfort, we carry multiple headsets to choose from so you can get exactly what you want to best suit your needs. Choose between in-helmet headset kits and over-the-head or behind-the-head headset kits with an assortment of fun color options.

The convenience of talking with fellow UTV drivers or knowing you have a direct line to base camp in case of an emergency can give you an increased level of comfort and safety when venturing into the unknown, to satisfy this need we carry car to car and base camp commutation kits that feature a 50 watt mobile radio. These kits come standard with an easy grip hand mic with PTT (Push-To-Talk) and a Tuned 1/2 Wave NGP Antenna.

Want that car to car communication but you’re on a budget? No worries, the Rugged Radios Dual Band Handheld Radio Bundle is the perfect option. With 5-watts of power, dual band functionality (VHF/UHF), a built-in LED flashlight, FM radio, VOX (Voice Activated Transmission), 128 programmable channels and over 40 popular pre-programmed channels including Best In The Desert, Baja Pits, Weatherman, BFG Relay, Rescue, Checkers, GMRS channels, and more; it’s no surprise the Dual Band Handheld Radio is Rugged Radios most popular handheld radio, ever!

Rugged tough, quality products from a brand you can trust, Rugged Radios has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high noise environment and is the #1 choice for many top athletes and race teams.

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