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Thumper Fab | Muddin for a Cure 2021 at River Run ATV Park

What better way to lett’er rip than doing it for a great cause. Every year the masses make their way to the Neches River, Jacksonville, Texas. It’s here where the off-road community supports breast cancer awareness while raising money to find a cure. This yearly event takes place in mid-October, delivering mud-slinging adventure while earning the moolah it takes to find a way to kick cancer’s ass.

The 2021 Muddin for a Cure featured live entertainment from Moonshine Bandits and Twang and Round. Along with the killer bands were other fun activities like a treasure hunt, a crank it up contest, and a poker run. In addition to the planned pursuits was a silent auction where all proceeds went to Angels for the Cure. What a fantastic cause and excuse to get your car muddied up, right?

It’s no wonder Thumper Fab was chillin on the scene, with over 2,000 acres of white-knuckling adventure. Why wouldn’t they be? Thumper Fab doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to off-road events, especially when they can show their support for a great foundation.

Thumper Fab blasted the industry with their goal to shake things up in 2019 in Marshall, Texas. Since then, they have more than shaken up the off-road domain. If you want to “add some thump” to your Powersports experiences, they’ve got the UTV parts and accessories to get the job done.

The biz is widely known for its take on what a side-by-side roof, bumpers, and roll cages, should embody. Don’t even get us started on the durability factor these aftermarket accessories exhibit. We’re talking state-of-the-art technology, quality builds, and innovation like nobody’s business.

If you’re looking to add some customize grit to your Polaris or Can-Am, the Thumper Fab top with a built-in light bar and Rockford Fostgate sound system will do it. In addition, you’ll find aggressive UTV bumpers, nerf rails, LED headlight kits, or even tie rods and mounting systems.

To elevate your ride experience with stylish off-road valor, shop Thump Fab parts and accessories at

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