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S&B Filters 2021 Year Recap | Side By Side Stuff

S & B Filter Year Recap Video


Show of hands. Who can’t get enough of the braaap? From the looks of it, S&B Filters sure can’t, and the proof is in their annual recap of all the aftermarket grit that their UTV parts provide rough riders across the nation. It’s always super impressive when you come across side-by-side systems that offer peak performance and hella fun ride experiences. These products are intentionally built with intentional results.

Who is S&B?

S&B Filters is widely known for its cold air intakes, filters, and many other high-performance parts. We’re talking Maverick Turbo and Polaris RZR particle separators, Textron Wildcat and Polaris General air filters, and the list goes on and on. These off-road parts improve airflow efficiency or the cleanliness of the air that enters the motor. Both play a huge factor in how maximized your braaap gets while you’re pushing the pedal to the floor.

As with any great Powersports part, these UTV filters and particle separators have worldwide respect by pro racers. But that’s not all either. They are just as popular with casual ride enthusiasts too. Not only do they beef up the ride game, but they also improve the performance life of other hard parts in the car. In addition, you can take durability to the fracking bank. Why? Because these sxs filters and particle separators have enough grit to put any terrain challenge in their place. You don’t have to go pro to experience a pro ride, gang. It’s as easy as investing in quality parts.

Are you ready to do the dang thang with more edge than ever before? The fact is, you gotta take care of your rig, even when it comes to yearly or mileage-based maintenance. If that’s you, then get your clicker ready for investing in your high-performance intake systems by S&B Filters at Side By Side Stuff.

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