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As winter rapidly approaches, prep for the colder months with side by side cabs and enclosures. Just because you normally enjoy riding in the summertime or warmer weather, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy riding when the temperatures drop, too. If your ride already has a windshield and roof, we’ve got the perfect soft-top and rear window combo to make it complete. Or if your UTV does not already have any type of roof, there are full hard cab enclosures available.

In the case that your side by side already has a hard top and full windshield, soft-top enclosures are ideal. Available with soft doors to keep you safe and protected the elements, these enclosures are the way to go. Gotcha Covered is a leading manufacturer of soft-top side by side enclosures and accessories.

If you’re in need of an enclosure for a ride that currently does not have a windshield or roof, fear not; there are options for you, as well! Made from the finest 100% polyester fabric, the cab enclosures are water repellant and resistant to tears, mildew and UV. Gotcha Covered uses Marine-sewing thread and are hand-measured and handcrafted to ensure they fit to precision.

You will receive full coverage throughout the winter with side by side cabs and enclosures! Once spring rolls around, enclosure doors can be removed easily by unzipping them from the enclosure. If yours does not have doors included, your whole enclosure may be detached during spring and summer, if you so choose. No matter what coverage you go with, Side By Side Stuff will have the parts and accessories needed to keep your ride rolling all year long!