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Spotlight On: Gator Waders

If you’re like the rest of us, you know going for a ride in your UTV can be the most fun when it’s muddy. But if you’re worried about staying dry or ruining clothes that should not have gotten dirty in the first place, fear no more – there are side by side accessories for the riders that will eliminate this issue.

With Gator Waders, men and women alike can now stay warm and dry while keeping articles of clothing somewhat clean! Not only will the waders keep you warm and dry, but they will also help protect from any debris that may get kicked up along with the mud as its flying.

Of course these waders also come equipped with a waterproof pocket that is perfect for placing your cell phone or other items that need to remain dry and safely intact. Let’s not forget about the neoprene and fleece-lined boots that are designed to keep your feet warm and dry, too. Did we mention the printed knee pads? They aren’t restricting; they move and stretch as you move, in order to provide ultimate comfort and protection.

There are Gator Waders for men and women, from sizes regular to king in men’s and sizes small to extra-extra-large for women. You can also choose from a variety of accent colors based on your favorites or simply to differentiate one pair from another. Take a look at our selection of Gator Waders before you hit the muddy trails – we think you’ll like what you find!

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