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Gator Waders – A Mix Of Grit, Grunge, And Good Looks

If you go to a big mud event, like the High Lifter Mud Nationals, there’s a good chance you’re going to see folks wearing Gator Waders. Made specifically for the off-roading community, their high rise design allows you to go deep and stay dry. Gator Waders, a Texas based company established in 2010, has taken initiative to bring style and comfort to the mud enthusiasts worldwide.

The CEO and founder of Gator Waders, Justin Waller, knows the UTV/ATV industry and it is something he has had a passion for since a young age.  At the age of 10 Justin was featured in Dirt Wheels Magazine testing products for High Lifter after meeting High Lifter Products owner Scott Smith and working for him at the very first High Lifter Mud Nationals at Fun Wheeler Park in Longview, TX.

When Justin was old enough, he would often take his dates on rides down muddy trails.  In the midst of mud and fun, Justin made the observation that no one made waders for women. This sparked an idea for Justin, to which he later dedicated an entire year of his life into researching waders and how to manufacture them. He developed a plan of action, including coming up with his own sizes and styles, to market to women.


“We started with 400 pair that we sold out of my garage and guest room at my old house,” Justin explained,  “My dad said: How are you going to sell all of these? I simply stated: I am.”

It didn’t take long for orders to start rolling in, and soon orders quickly turned into backorders. Word of their quality, style, and comfort had spread and it was only a matter of time before men started asking for them, so Justin developed a men’s line of waders as well. Gator Waders quickly rose to the top in the UTV / ATV industry and are now the #1 wader in the UTV / ATV industry.

The GW brand has dramatically grown from year to year, in fact from August 2013 to August 2014 they did 2,500% more in sales; growing faster than 98% of companies in America.

Gator Waders have definitely earned their place on the shelf for top quality outdoor gear. Their reputation has earned them celebrity endorsements and has been worn on shows such as Destination Polaris and Orion’s Kin. Gator Waders also gets involved with their customers, by sponsoring hunting teams, ATV teams, clubs and organizations.


Gator Waders are made of 5mm thick Neoprene with Polar Fleece/Neoprene Lined Boots. Their latest styles include a waterproof easy access front zipper, a waterproof front cell phone or dry good pocket, an easy access front pocket, hand warmer pockets on the hips, printed knee pads for comfort and protection and reinforced Velcro straps to keep everything tight and snug.

Side By Side Stuff is proud to announce that Gator Waders are now available on our store. Whether you’re using your side by side to get to your remote hunting or fishing spot, or just have a love for muddin’, Gator Waders will keep you dry, warm and looking good. We carry the latest GW styles for both men and women, including camo patterns for the serious outdoorsmen.

To get into your own pair visit our Gator Waders brand page at

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    1. Sorry Shaina, we currently do not have the cheetah waders at our store. As far as we know they have been discontinued and have not been included in the lineup of waders for this season.

    1. Amanda, that style is for men’s only however we may be able to make a size suggestion for you for those waders if we can get your shoe size. What shoe size are you?

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