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The UTV Lover’s Guide to Rednecks with Paychecks

UTV Mud Crawl Heaven

Pro tips and can’t-miss events of Texas’ wildest weekend

Camping, live music, parties, prizes, and thousands of offroad fanatics looking for a good time—is there any better reason to take some time off work?

At Side by Side Stuff, we love going to Rednecks with Paychecks (RWP) because we can kick back and crack a brew with gearheads just like us. Most RWP-goers love it because…well… it’s a damn good time.

After so many of these events, you know what we’ve learned is the single biggest factor between a killer time and a buzz-kill? Coming prepared.

Music, drinks, and some of the wildest events +and competitions you’ll see all year are right around the corner—we’re here to give you tips on where to find the best camping, tickets, events, and UTV setups to get you prepped and ready for a great time.

Here’s the inside scoop on getting the most “wow” out of your weekend:


Do’s and Don’ts of Rednecks with Paychecks

We’d all love a free-for-all, no-holds-barred, pirate-radio-style event where the only rule is “If you can send it, you should send it,” but there’s gotta be some boundaries, right? We’re giving you the key rules to keep you in the event—and out of a parking ticket.

(For a full rundown, check out their official FAQ and Rules)

Is Rednecks with Paychecks 18+?

Yes—it is. Every guest will need to show a valid Photo ID at the gates to get their wristband for entry. So, get the kids set up for a weekend at grandma’s (and maybe get her a Door Dash gift card for her trouble).

Can you bring alcohol?

Yes—you can. But, NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED. If you’re hurt that you can’t bring Jack, Johnnie, or Jim, Stillhouse makes a great bourbon or traditional whiskey that comes in a spiffy aluminum container. There are also food and beverage stands if you don’t feel like carting in your own.

PRO TIP: If you’re bringing a cooler, skip the ice! It’s available on-site all weekend long

Who is doing security for the event?

Security for RWP is provided by local/nearby police and first responders. This ensures everyone’s safety and makes sure that no one who shouldn’t be driving—does. But also, act accordingly. They’re allowed to issue citations/arrests for any illegal activity.

Is fighting allowed?

C’mon, folks. You know the answer! Fighting of any kind will get you kicked out and your weekend cut short.

Can we have contained bonfires at campsites?

Yes, if there is no burn-ban set in place by the county at the time of the event.

Bringing UTVs, ATVs, and Buggies to Rednecks with Paychecks

Bring your ATV (4WD or Racing 2WD), UTV, or Cart to Rednecks with Paychecks, but DON’T BRING YOUR MOTORCYCLE. No motorcycles are allowed for safety reasons.

For ATVs UTVs and Buggies, here’s a couple things you should know:

  • All UTVs, ATVs, Go Carts, Golf Carts, Argos, etc. must display some type of flag from a pole attached to the vehicle that extends a minimum of 8ft from the ground.
  • Park speed limit is 10 MPH
  • Strobe, emergency lights, and lightbars are not allowed for use outside of trails.

Best UTV Setups for Rednecks With Paychecks

If you’re bringing your UTV, now’s the time to get the gear you’ll need to conquer the courses and trails. Check out Billy’s top picks for this event.

High Lifter Outlaw 3 Tires

These aggressive, tractor-inspired tires feature rugged construction and durability, perfect for muddy trails + events. 6-ply tubeless UTV tires with flatter profiles allow for improved tread performance when it matters most. Get the upgrade to an aggressive stance and improved performance here.

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High Lifter Lift Kits

High Lifter makes Standard, Signature and Big Lift Kits for ATVs and UTVs. All of our lift kits are assembled in America and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Take your ride to the next level with increased ground clearance here.

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PREMIER PICK: High Lifter Portal Gear Lift

The side by side portal gear lift is a massive overhaul to your performance capacity. Between the four, six, and impressive 8 inch increase in ground clearance, power increase, and performance improvement, you’re ready for every terrain RWP has to offer. Get more low-end torque, more power to the ground, and improved braking response in one kit here.

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Viper Midnight 4500 Winch

This aftermarket winch has composite housings and metal gears to resist wear from harsh weather and regular use. In addition, the unit has a permanent magnet motor with mechanical load holding and a dynamic brake. Check out this Viper Midnight 4500 lb. Winch here.

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Viper Winch

MTX Audio Stereo System

Whether you need an overhead audio soundbar, tower speakers, or another accessory for Rednecks with Paychecks, MTX has what you need. Choose from packages with tower speakers, amplifiers, and all the wiring required for an easy addition to your current head unit. Don’t have one? No problem, MTX Audio offers a universal Bluetooth controller so you can make any head unit play your favorite tunes from your media device. Check out our full selection here.

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Buy Tickets for Rednecks With Paychecks

RWP offers several options to get you the right setup for your budget.

PRO TIP: Every attendee is required to sign a safety waiver for the event. Save yourself some time in the line by printing the waiver and signing it beforehand.

PRO TIP: Pre-event pricing (buying tickets online before Sept 15th 2022) Saves you ten bucks a head! Prices below reflect buying tickets day-of the event.


General Admission tickets for the entire 4 day weekend. Gets you in for every event, all weekend.


Everything included in a regular 4-day pass, plus access to our 5000 square foot Off Road Saloon on Friday and Saturday night starting at 8pm. Here you can play games, compete in competitions, listen to live music, and enjoy complimentary drinks.


The Best Camping at Rednecks With Paychecks

Ride. Eat. Party. Sleep. Repeat. Easy enough, right? We think so, but for the planners out there, here’s the run-down on campsites, and RV etiquette. But, no matter what, RWP lets everyone know there will be more than enough campsites for everyone.

PRO TIP: If you want to save time and get the best spots, do early admission! Starting Friday, September 9th through Sunday, September 11th, 2022 from 9am to 7pm, bring your RV/Camper to Saint Jo, TX Gate 1 RWP office (301 North Ash Street, Muenster, TX). Tent sites may be chosen at this time as well.

Map of standard camp sites ($49-$149)

Can’t-Miss Events

The Rednecks With Paychecks Mud Crawl is known for its outrageous parties, intense competition, and wild events. And Billy’s seen the best of them all. Here’s what he’s most excited for this year:

PRO TIP: VIP tickets pay for themselves when you pregame live music! Get a VIP pass for an extra $50 bucks, and stop by the 110 ft. long bar at the Off Road Saloon for free drinks before the live shows.

Upcoming UTV/ATV MudCrawls and Races

Engines and Egos ATV/UTV Unlimited Class CASH DAYS Winner-Take-All Bounty Hole, Friday, 10:00 AM | The baddest UTVs and ATVs in the industry are ready to hammer down on the biggest bounty holes for a $10,000 cash prize. It’s always a blast, and a great way to kick off the weekend.

Pro Mega Truck Series Side X Side Race, Saturday, 10:00 AM | You won’t find any race faster than this! A true test of skill, speed, and nerves races through the tough terrain of the park, and it’s a UTV racing fan’s dream!

Live Shows

Struggle Jennings w/ Brianna Harness and Caitlynne Curtis, Friday, 9:30 PM | The grandson of legendary Country Music icon Waylon Jennings, Struggle is part of a long legacy of Gangsters, Outlaws and Rock Stars. Taking the stage with Brianna Harness andCaitlynne Curtis, this set of rock, country, and hip-hop-influenced songs is sure to light up the stage.

Justin Ross with Canaan Bryce, Saturday, 9:30 PM | Fort Worth, Texas Native, Justin Ross is a delectable hybrid of Rock, Soul, Roots, Blues, Swamp Rock, Texas Music, and much more. Combined with Canaan Bryce’s unique style of “Texas rock and roll,” there’s no better way to kick off a Saturday night.

RPW Live Line Up

“For the fun of it” events

Barbie Jeep Downhill Race, Saturday, 7:00 PM | Sometimes, you just want to watch someone really biff it. If it’s someone in a way-too-small-for-them kid’s toy hurdling down a hill as fast as they can—even better. This is one of our favorite events because it’s just a good time. See you there!

PR’s World-Famous Bikini Contest Saturday, 9:30 PM | During Saturday night’s performance from Justin Ross and Canaan Bryce, treat yourself to the best show in TX. A regular tradition, this is one event that’s sure to keep you coming back year after year.

Ready for the best UTV Mud Crawl of The Year?

We sure are! Now that you’ve seen and heard everything you need to know, we’re stoked to see you there! Be sure to follow SBSS on Facebook before you. Get your Rednecks with Paychecks Offroad tickets today.

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