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TITAN OF STRENGTH: Super ATV AtlasPro High Clearance Boxed A-Arms

As most hardcore riders know, all it takes is one rough landing, one big rock or tree stump to jump out in front of you and BAM, dunzo! Even a couple of close calls can make you nervous enough to hold back and baby your machine. The last thing you need is a broken ball joint or a bent a-arm. Riding is about letting loose and seeing what you and your machine are made of. So, what if you didn’t have to hold back? What if you could take those jumps with complete confidence in your suspension?

Super ATV, a company best known for quality and affordability, has once again succeeded in designing another innovative product, one that showcases unmatched strength, style and performance: AtlasPro High Clearance Boxed A-Arms

According to Stephen Sheets, National Sales Manager at Super ATV, AtlasPro A-Arms consist of extremely strong steel that is thermo-mechanically rolled and typically found in truck chassis and cranes.


The arms are then hand-welded, delivering a product that is 4x stronger than stock. To ensure a bullet-proof design, AtlasPro A-Arms are paired with a 4130 chromoly Uniball (a sophisticated ball-joint), with a stud that is 140% bigger than OEM.

“The Uniball is something we’ve never seen or heard of before”, according to Dave Griffin, Prototype cell coordinator at Super ATV. Dave further explained, “A factory ball joint is 17mm at the shaft, where it goes through the knuckle. It then necks down to 12mm at the ball to get the angle out of it, and that’s where you see the failure. The Uniball design doesn’t neck down. Instead, it stays 17mm all the way down to the ball.”


Factory Ball Joint

SATV Uniball

Super ATV’s Uniball


AA-P-RZR1K-WC-Polaris-RZR-1000-Boxed-A-Arms-3Zach Stockdale, Super ATV New Product Development Engineer told us, “It was our goal to create an a-arm that is durable on every aspect of terrain and can take any kind of beating you can throw at it”. Zach goes on to explain what makes boxed a-arms stronger than typical tube-type a-arms, “We’ve got thick reinforced steel, all hand-welded. The slick design and overall strength and performance is what we were looking for, and I believe we have achieved that.”

Much like their other products, the AtlasPro A-Arms were tested in Super ATV’s test facility as well as out in the field. Lindsay Hunt, Super ATV VP of Sales, has put them to the test as well, “I have them on my personal machine. We’ve been to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Moab and had zero problems with them. The Uniball is new for us, so we wanted to get a lot of miles on that specific product. We do internal testing as well, which includes a ball-joint breaker and an apparatus that will test the strength of an a-arm and its bend point. We ran both products through those and that’s how we came up with the numbers as well.”

AtlasPro A-Arms were designed initially for the Polaris RZR XP 1000, and will soon be available for other side by side / UTV models at the introductory price of $499.95.

Outstanding features of the AtlasPro A-Arms include:

  • 4x stronger than stock
  • Hand welded strength and style
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Includes 4 arms
  • Grease zerks
  • Brake line fittings
  • 1.5” of additional ground clearance
  • Adjustable Pivot Blocks
  • Run up to 32” tires
  • Powder-coated finish for increased durability
  • Multiple color options to match your machine and style
  • Backed by SuperATVs lifetime warranty


  • 17.9mm stud
  • 4130 chromoly prehard HRC 30/34



“We’re really excited to get them out! Everywhere we’ve taken them, everywhere my machine has gone, people love the style and love the look of them. Everyone who’s seen them just can’t wait.”- Lindsay Hunt, Super ATV VP of Sales

Click here to purchase your AtlasPro High Clearance Boxed A-Arms at

AA-P-RZR1K-WC-Polaris-RZR-1000-Boxed-A-Arms-2About Super ATV

Super ATV is a privately owned company located in Madison, Indiana, specializing in ATV and side by side parts and accessories. Since the company got its start in early 2003, Super ATV has grown from a small family business working out of a garage, to one of the leading companies in the ATV and UTV industry. Their current warehouse is a massive 232,000 square feet which includes a shop, offices, a test facility and a knowledgeable, energetic staff.  Their engineers and fabricators work closely with their design team to provide the most functional and best looking products on the market. Super ATV has built a reputation by offering quality products at great prices, a wide selection and a unique product line. Everything you see on their website is their own design and inventoried at their warehouse. To learn more about Super ATV, visit or call 855-743-3427.

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4 thoughts on “TITAN OF STRENGTH: Super ATV AtlasPro High Clearance Boxed A-Arms

    1. Hi Leonardo, we checked on this. According to Super ATV they will be available next month!

  1. Is there any other parts I needed to add these to a stock rzr 1000 since the balljoints are bigger then stock

    1. Dmarrow, No you won’t need any other parts on a stock RZR 1000. The ball joints come pressed in the arms, so all you have to do is adjust the pivot blocks on the bottom of the a-arms. Also heads up, if you have a RZR Turbo or the Fox Edition RZR you cannot use the stock sway bar with this set up. If you’d like to peak at the installation instructions you can find them at the bottom of the product page on our website. –—polaris-rzr-xp-1000.html

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