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UTV Windshields That Are “DaBomb”

At Side By Side Stuff our goal is to provide a wide selection of quality UTV parts and accessories at the convenience of online shopping. We choose our vendors carefully, working with companies that take pride in the craftsmanship of their products and are committed to customer satisfaction. Residing in Salt Lake City, Utah is a company called UTV Windshields and Accessories, they are the home to DaBomb Windshields; some of the finest quality UTV windshields on the market.

UTV Windshields and Accessories was founded in 2009 by Bryan Buchi, owner of Window Well Expressions (a custom window well cover business), after a close friend ordered a windshield from EBay for his Yamaha Rhino side by side. Upon receiving the UTV windshield Bryan’s friend found out that some cutting needed to be done to make it fit even though it was advertised to fit any Rhino SxS.

Upon examination, Bryan’s years of experience with polycarbonates led him to note the poor quality and craftsmanship of the windshield, appearing as if it was made in someone’s garage and cut out with a jigsaw. Bryan decided to toy with the polycarbonate material and cut a windshield for his friend that was much more respectable to have on his bike. His friends and family really liked it and soon word spread causing many others to request a windshield from Bryan.

Bryan started selling his fabrications locally, the success of his sales turned Bryan to expand to online retail. He started listing windshields on EBay with much success; it wasn’t long before he set up shop online with his own website.

Bryan and his team at UTV Windshields and Accessories have earned great merit for their quality products, because of their reputation we took a look at DaBomb Windshields and knew they would be a great addition to our large selection of UTV Windshields. We carry half and full folding DaBomb Windshields for a variety of machines such as the Arctic Cat Wildcat, CF Moto UForce, Honda Pioneer and Kymco UXVs. These products truly are “da bomb”; you can feel good knowing you’re getting a great American made product from a reputable brand.

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