Seizmik Vented Full Front Windshield


If you use your side x side in low temperatures chances are you’ve experienced a foggy windshield. When you’re ready to ride the last thing you need is restricted visibility, it’s unsafe and downright annoying. Seizmik, known for their top quality UTV parts and accessories, has a solution to a fogged up UTV cab with the VersaVent windshield.  

VersaVent windshields feature two vents that let you independently control the airflow coming into the cab. When placing the vents in ‘defog’ mode air, from outside the cab is directed onto the inside surface of your windshield to help prevent fogging. The innovative windshield is so handy that even Steve Shankin, President of Seizmik, uses it on his SxS.


Seizmik Vented Full Front Windshield Polaris Ranger


“I spent about 4 hours in my Polaris Ranger XP 900 on Saturday plowing the streets in my neighborhood, hooning, and pulling kids on sleds.  The temperature was in the low 20’s and we had a thick layer of ice with a couple of inches of snow on top of that.  I’ve got a full cab on the Ranger – Pure Polaris roof and back panel, with a Seizmik Versa Vent windshield and Seizmik doors.  I’ve had a lot of seat time in the Ranger in the cold plowing snow and even commuting to and from work in it when the roads were in terrible shape.  Before I had the VersaVent windshield, every other time I’ve used it with the doors installed the inside of the cab would steam up and I wouldn’t be able to see out.  Frequently the steam would freeze and I’d end up with ice on the inside of the windshield. Not this time. I had both of the vents in the VersaVent set to the ‘defog’ position and even with 3 people in the vehicle none of the windows ever steamed up at all! It’s really nice when a product solves a problem and exceeds my expectations – I couldn’t be happier with the VersaVent. And to top it off, the VersaVent was great in the summer when it was hot and I wanted some airflow in the cab!  It’s a fantastic all-season product.”

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– Steve Shankin


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