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2022 Mud Nationals & Rockford Fosgate



The legendary 2022 Mud Nationals & Rockford Fosgate did it up well this year. This mud-inspired party took place in Hillarosa ATV Park in Belvins, Arkansas. If you don’t know about it, let us let you in on the madness. This rad ride system is the HQ for gnarly terrain spanning 2,000 acres. Think water and mud galore.

Hillarosa has been the host of many upon many UTV and ATV off-road events. As a result, you can bet you’ll find anything from drag races, bounty holes, live music, fishing, camping, and the works. So is it any surprise that High Lifter booked their mud bash at this exact location? Boy, did it pay off. In fact, every enthusiast and top brand in the industry was doing the dang thang under the same roof.


Rockford Fosgate

It wouldn’t be a shindig without Rockford Fostgate tossing their sick beats into the mix. Rockford Fosgate is all about partnership, passion, and purpose. It shows in their high-quality sxs audio kits with no qualms with blasting booms through the muddiest, most extreme ride conditions. Of course, we’re talking marine-grade off-road sound systems fitting for any ride from a Polaris RZR to a Can-Am Maverick X3.

Were they hanging out behind a stand? No, no, they weren’t. Instead, they were out in the trenches showing fellow enthusiasts how it’s done while putting their UTV stereos, speakers, and audio kits to the test. As a matter of fact, they either did it well or had a blast digging themselves out, which is the name of the game in the world of Powersports. Well done, Rockford Fosgate! To say we are impressed with your rendition of sxs surround sound is an understatement.

These systems come in many different flavors with sound quality like no other, from a stage two audio system to a stage six. So naturally, the bigger you go, the more blast power you get. If that wasn’t enough, to add even more grit to the pit, these units have stellar aesthetics. To amp up your ride with quality UTV audio systems, shop Rockford Fosgate at Don’t forget to slap that comment box and let us know what you think while you’re at it.

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