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Though some of you are still enjoying warmer weather, cold temperatures and slushy roads will soon be upon most of us. Cruising around in your UTV is great year round, but the harsh winter weather can put a halt to your ride if you’re not careful. Avoid getting stuck in the snow with these maintenance tips for your side by side parts and accessories.
Clean your air filter – Keeping your air filter clean is one of the most important things you can do. Snow dust can get sucked into the intakes and can clog up the air flow into the engine.
Maintain your battery – Check the condition of your battery at least once a month, especially in older vehicles. The last thing you need is your battery stalling out in the middle of the snow!
Check your fluids – All of them. Seriously. Engine oil, battery fluid levels, oil changes, etc. The cold weather can take a toll on your vehicle and regular fluid checks can help keep it running at top speed.
Warm up the engine –We know you just want to get out there and ride, but taking the time to let your UTV warm up can prevent engine failure while you’re out on the trail!
Just clean it – Keeping your side by side clean should be a no brainer. Snow and mud can easily get trapped inside and cleaning it out before/after use can prevent damage due to frozen, dirty parts.

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