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Testimonials from real hunters and real riders

Hunters always want to get one more chance at a trophy before sunset. With side by sides, you can go farther, bring better gear, stay out longer, and tip the scales in your favor with the right gear.  Don’t just take our word for it, though. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top gear you need, and testimonials from avid outdoorsmen about why they picked them. We’ll chat with Joe, Mel, Trent, and Jeff about what makes their side by side hunting setup something they can’t live without when trekking to the blinds, or hauling away a trophy. 

Side by side hunting with: Joe (Kansas) 

One of the biggest reasons Joe  takes his UTV hunting is that they get more opportunities:

“Using my buggy gets me deeper into the timber, quicker than on foot. I’m able to hunt small game walking the ground and have a deer stand that isn’t anywhere near public roads. I can just cover more ground is all.”

With different luck on different days, Joe loves the mobility he has to quickly call it, and take to the lake: “If the huntings bad, I will shoot over to one of the ponds and fish for a bit.”

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Hunting isn’t the only reason they have a side by side, but it’s a huge help in everything they do. Joe made sure to equip his buggie with the gear that gets results: 

“We also use the same UTV for farming, so it’s always set up to do chores or put food on the table. But, you need the right stuff on it first. We got one of those gun racks and a rack in the back to haul. Keeps everything from rattling around causing problems and I don’t gotta get the old one ton out if we get a deer neither.”

With the hauling capacity of a UTV, he’s got no problem carting out big game when he fills his tags. But, his favorite piece of equipment is his gun rack.  So, what gun rack is most popular? How do you know if it’s high quality? 

Check out Side By Side Stuff’s pick for gun racks:

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Best side by side gun rack for hunting

SEIZMIK: On Seat Sportsman’s Accessory Holder

Firearms are a huge responsibility for all hunters who use them. You need proper storage to ensure they don’t become a liability when using your side by side for hunting. In-cab gun holders like this one from Seizmik makes it easy to securely store your rifles and access them easily when it counts.

A Side By Side Stuff customer was so thrilled, he had this to say: 

Easy installation. Super protection. You will never have to worry about marring on your firearms.”

Get your own SEIZMIK: On Seat Sportsman’s Accessory Holder today!

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Hunting with a side by side vs. hunting with an ATV

Some people are sxs purists, others are ATV fanatics. So, what’s the advantage to taking out an ATV? Let’s hear from Mel from Colorado and see why he takes his ATV with him on all his outdoor adventures:

“I have an Arctic Cat ATV that I take on all hunting, fishing, and camping trips up in the mountains. The four-wheeler hooks up to a trailer or a sled where we keep the equipment, you know tent, poles, and all the other stuff that keeps us busy and out of trouble.”

If you’re in a colder climate, ice fishing could be a big part of your winters. Mel likes to take his ATV out on the ice, and he’s had no problems at all:

“We do a lot on the ice too and that thing doesn’t skip a beat, plus it’s safer to take out and if you need to get out quick, it’s quick. Got a rack on the front I can even stick my auger on, and it doesn’t budge.”

With a tighter turning radius, and a more narrow stance, ATVs are great for hunting in areas where a side by side might not reach: 

“Once you undo the trailer there aren’t too many places the Arctic Cat can’t go. That mountain terrain covered in snow can get a little tricky but we don’t have any problems. We got the trailer well a trailer sled, good tires – chains on the back set).

For hunting side by sides and hunting ATVs alike, tires are crucial to performance. If you want to have the same good luck as Mel and Joe, you’re going to need the right tires for the right environment.

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Best side by side hunting tires

The most popular tires for hunting with a side by side are All-Terrain, or Off-Road tires. The main difference between the two is the tread size, depth, and directionality. Each has its advantages, so we’re just going over the best of both worlds for you:

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Off-Road tires

Outlaw: 3

As a staff favorite here at Side By Side Stuff, just about everyone who’s gotten a UTV stuck while hunting wishes they had a pair of these. The design kicks mud away from your vehicle while getting as much traction as possible. Get a set of Outlaw 3 Tires today.

All-Terrain tires

Falcon Ridge: Cougar 729. 

The Side by Side Stuff  team knows it’s better to be safe than sorry when you’re out hunting. They chose the Falcon Ridge ascent because it’s a more aggressive A/T tire that would help in UTV hunting trails that are rougher than average. See Falcon Ridge Tires for hunting here

Now that every reader knows what they need for traction on the trails, it’s time to discover some new territory. But, when it comes to filling tags, it’s not about where you go—it’s about making sure no one else knows.

Perks of a private side by side hunting spot

When you’ve found a great spot, sometimes the last thing you want is anyone else to find it! Trent from Missouri uses his side by side for hunting, but isn’t afraid of a little extra leg-work to keep his spots a secret:  

“Hell, I don’t know if I could go without my sidekick. Most of the time you leave dadgum early and it’s dark. The cart gets me to my spot–well closer to it anyway, don’t want to get too close—if you know what I mean.”

With accessories available for just about every need, Trent got creative with what he tows. He can cover his (tire) tracks as he gets to his favorite hunting spots:

“We like that you can hook up a trailer to it or use some other things to mess up the ground a bit. Hell, my buddy uses one of those plow systems for when we’re after quail or turkey.”

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trailer, impact implements
trailer, impact implements
trailer, impact impliments

Side by side hunting with trailers

Adding a hitch is great for any activity, especially if you’re using your side by side for more than just hunting. But, when the time comes to pick the right one, you want to be sure that it’s got the quality you need. Here’s our top pick for UTV/ATV trailers.

Impact Implements Off Road Trailer

Tough. Rugged. Built for the baddest trails out there. Impact Elements knocked it out of the park with this trailer. Usable for everyday chores on your rig, this thing can take a beating. With a nice camo spray-paint job, it’s perfect for hunting.


  • 15 cubic ft. hauling capacity
  • 1,500 lb load capacity
  • Quick release latch and tilt trailer bed for easy loading and unloading
  • Rugged wide-track tires for easy maneuverability over all types of terrain
  • High impact, polyethylene tub

Need some more convincing? Check out what the latest reviewer had to say:

THOMAS E MARTIN – verified customer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – September 30, 2022

“This is a tough trailer. The frame and axle are very strong and the tub should last forever. I assembled it myself, but two people would have been better. The tires are also really rugged. 

Get  this side by side trailer for your next hunting outing right here.

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 Why get a lift kit for hunting with a side by side?

When you’re out—like way out—the last thing you want to be is stuck. Especially when the 12-pointer you’ve been tracking since dawn is finally starting to slow down. As a Minnesota hunter and owner of 15+ acres, Jeff swears by his High Lifter upgrades:

“The deer hunting opener is Minnesota’s a mixed bag. Sometimes, it’s already snowing, sometimes it’s just swampy as hell. I figured, I’m going to be using my Ranger year-round, I might as well get some big, mean tires to make sure I don’t get stuck.”

A solid plan, but the industry-leader in lift kits, High Lifter, started because of the same problem Jeff was about to find:

When I saw examples of other buggies with new, big  tires, I knew I needed more clearance. I looked up High Lifter on Side By Side Stuff, and saw they had exactly what I needed. In the same order, I got a 3” lift kit, and a gnarly set of tires. I haven’t gotten stuck since!”

Browse all of High Lifters parts and accessories for hunting

The best hunting equipment from leading UTV brands

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The best innovations happen when a good idea meets a detailed process. Now, after years of working right here alongside some of the best hunters and side by side companies, we hope you learned a thing or two from our pro recommendations for UTV riding and hunting!

Find all the gear you need for hunting at Side By Side Stuff