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UTV Hunting Accessories: STUFF’s Guide to Outfit Your Side By Side

Man, did this year fly by? Summer all but dipped out on us after only a couple of months. While we love being smack dab in the rip-and-ride season, with the chill comes some country thrill. It’s time to get your hunting-game on. Before you hit the timber trek to your deer stand or head out to your duck blind, you’ve got to get that rig ready for the quest. Your offroad vehicle has the makings of being one heckuva hunting companion. If adequately dressed for the occasion, just as you should be, it can make your catch more convenient and comfortable.

Side By Side Stuff takes pride in our line-up of aftermarket hunting accessories that will increase the “awesome” in your favorite outdoor activity. We know when it comes time for hounding, you don’t want to have to take a dive at researching all the quality UTV parts and accessories. No worries though Side By Side Stuff fans, the groundwork has been done for you! Get your mud boots and bibs on! We’re about to take you on an epic shopping adventure.

Apparel and Gear

Speaking of mud boots and bibs, being outfitted right is a must to keep dry and warm during the coldest months of the year. Otherwise, you won’t be out waiting on that eight-point buck for long. These get-ups are definitely a get “what you pay for,” type of attire. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we are talking about waders and mud boots. Side By Side Stuff carries one of the top brands in the industry, Gator Waders. You’ll find everything from breathable to insanely insulated, for men, women, and youth. Of course, these waders and mud boots come in camouflage, your prey won’t even see you coming!

Bow and Rifle Cases

When it comes to traveling unpredictable terrain, having a secure location to keep your bow or hunting rifle is crucial. Not only is keeping the piece safe and sound important, but accessibility is too. That’s where these quality UTV bow and rifle cases come in handy. Depending on your hunting accessory and the way you prefer your cabin to be set up, there are many offroad cases ready to hold things steady.

These SxS racks come in all sorts of sizes to fit various machine applications from the Polaris Ranger to Can Am Commander and everything in between. Some can be mounted overhead and out of the way, becoming totally accessible yet secure. While others can be installed outside the buggy, behind the cab, and above the bed. The assortment truly reaches the masses as there are no two alike. Some fan favorites are the Seizmik OHGR Over Head Gun Rack, the Quick Draw Overhead Bow Rack by Great Day, the Kolpin DryArmor Roll Top Shotgun Case, and the Camo Double Bow Case by Classic Accessories.

Roll Cage Bags

We’ve gone over the aftermarket accessories that keep your firearm or bow fortified. Now, it’s time to dig into the goods that will keep the rest of your gear from causing cabin chaos. When you are off on a hunt, it’s not for a few minutes, it’s for hours. That means you need food, drinks, a place to put your ammo or arrows, you may even require some storage for phones and keys. Side By Side Stuff has got your back here too.

Today, there are many offroad organizer bags on the market, ranging in size, construction, and function. Of course, they come camo’d up, so you stay sneaky on the prowl, but aesthetics aren’t their only “bag-o-tricks.” These offroad roll cage bags offer a practical storage solution for all the extra bits necessary in making your outdoor adventure the best it can be. Go big and over-the-top with a Classic Accessories Large Camo Roll Cage Organizer Bag or keep it straightforward with an ATV-Tek Arch Series Camo UTV Roll Cage Bag. All being built for battle and durable, fit for any offroad excursion

UTV Wraps and Enclosures

Now that we’ve gotten you and that buggy decked out for a safe and comfortable ride, it’s time to come up with a way to stay incognito once you’ve gotten to where you’re going. What better way to accomplish that feat than with a Camo wrap or UTV cab enclosure? That’s right, we’re talking about masquerading your rig so you can get deep into the woods, as close as possible to your favorite hunting spot. These Camo Wraps graphics kits are a great way to become undetectable while you’re scouting. If you’re not sold on modifying your machine’s entire look, no problem. Just grab yourself a UTV camo enclosure and consider yourself blended in.

Deer Hoists and Carriers

Okay, you’ve done it. Your machine is hunter approved and ready for foraging, but what are you supposed to do once you’ve bagged and tagged the doe? Friends, when we say there is an aftermarket accessory for every occasion, we aren’t messing around. Whether you need to hoist it or haul it, we can bet that a Super ATV Front Deer Lift and Rack or a Hangit Tall Portable Game and Feeder Hanger by Great Day Inc. will do the trick.

You know what the best thing about the Powersports community is? Your offroad adventure can be whatever you want it to be. The sky is the limit when it comes to beefing-up your buggy to be what you need it to be. Shouldn’t you make it a mega hunting machine, if that’s your activity of choice? At Side By Side Stuff, we say, “heck yes!” Build that beast to meet your offroad demands. It’s as simple as shopping hunting parts and accessories at  

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