UTV Cab Enclosure Kawasaki Teryx


When most people think of a side by side adventure, they picture themselves out mudding after a spring rainstorm or racing down the track in the summer heat. But the truth of the matter is that side by sides can be just as fun to ride in during the winter months, especially if you enjoy winter activities like whitetail hunting, ice fishing, or even just driving out into the winter wilderness for a quiet hike. The biggest obstacle stopping most people from enjoying winter activities in their side by side is the cold itself. While there’s no doubt that cold temperatures can pose a challenge, there are some great side by side accessories that you can install in your ride to help you beat the cold and enjoy your vehicle all year round.


Cab Enclosure

If you plan on taking your side by side out during the winter months, one of the first things you should purchase is a UTV cab enclosure. The harsh winter winds are the biggest deterrent to most people taking their vehicle out for a spin during the winter, and if you’re going to enjoy yourself in your side by side, you’ll need a way to block the bitter cold. A cab enclosure will give you everything you need to be able to keep yourself warm and stop the wind from chilling you to the bone.


Seat Warmer

In addition to cutting out the wind, another way to beat the cold with your side by side is by installing some seat warmers. A seat warmer will keep you nice and cozy, and will turn your frigid interior into a comfortable one. It’s critical especially in the early mornings when the bitter cold will make you want to skip your hunting trip. With a seat warmer, you won’t have any excuses to avoid getting out and enjoying the outdoors.

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