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Best Polaris Ranger Accessories

Imagine this. You’ve been scrimping and saving away every penny you can – waiting until you can finally buy the UTV you’ve been looking for. Your ideal ride? The smooth riding, hard-working, sturdily designed Polaris Ranger. Buying a new UTV can be the most exciting part of your year – what could be more exciting? Well, adding all the extras! At Side By Side Stuff we’ve compiled a starter kit of products guaranteed to add that extra oomph to your new Ranger. Here are our picks for the Polaris Ranger must-have accessories:

Body Accessories

Start your Ranger’s customization off strong with a good foundation. Adding body accessories allows you to add protection to your ride and your riding experience. Our experts suggest starting off with some of these top picks:

  • Roof: A roof is a great accessory for any UTV, as it provides protection from the sun and rain. Side By Side Stuff has many great roofs to pick and choose from, but our experts suggest this soft top and this top with a little more structure.
  • Enclosure: An enclosure adds a level of all-around protection. Front, back, and sides – an enclosure has you covered. Our fans have lots of great things to say about this enclosure especially!
  • Windshield: A windshield can protect you from wind, rain, and debris while you’re driving your UTV. Our picks? This front folding design and this full-sized rear one
  • Doors:Doors can provide added safety and protection from the elements. Both soft and hard doors can come in handy. Here is our choice for soft doors. And here is our pick for doors with a little more structure.

Work Accessories

The Polaris Ranger isn’t just a nice-looking rig for casual riding. The Ranger is known for being a tough-as-nails work vehicle just by adding some of these must-have accessories:

  • Winch: A winch can be useful for getting yourself or others out of tough spots or for hauling heavy objects (And for using plows!)  Our fans recommend the Warn Axon model or the Moose Aggro for those bigger jobs.
  • Cargo Box: A cargo box can provide additional storage space for tools, gear, and other items – like tools or landscaping equipment. For rear storage, try this Kolpin Guardian. For rooftop storage? This Great Day rack is a smart choice.
  • Plows: If you live somewhere with snowfall, adding a plow can really make a difference. Our picks? This Denali model or this one from Moose.

Comfort Accessories 

Working hard and playing harder is good, but being comfortable while doing it? Even better! Check out these fan-favorite items to add an extra touch of comfort to your Polaris Ranger:

  • Seats: Let’s face it. Sometimes factory UTV seats can leave you feeling sore after just one ride. Keep yourself comfortable to ride all day long with a replacement seat– like this one. Or, add extra seating for your crew with this Rumble Seat kit. 
  • Heaters: Riding in those chilly winter months doesn’t have to give you the chills. Keep yourself nice and toasty warm with a cab heater. Side By Side Stuff offers industry leaders like Inferno Cab Heaters and Ice Crusher.
  • LED light bar: A high-quality LED light bar can help improve visibility when driving in low-light conditions, making riding at any time or any place comfortable. Browse our selection of lights here.

Just for Fun!

Work, play and comfort are all important, sure. But sometimes it’s fun to let loose and add something to your rig “just because”. No matter what you use your ride for, here are some of the top Polaris Ranger accessories just for fun:

  • Lift Kits: Undoubtedly, the most popular addition to any UTV. Adds performance and a rugged offroading look and feel! We recommend this 3-inch lift from High Lifter for just enough height without too much additional work. But we offer a lot more, too!
  • Gun rack: If you use your UTV for hunting, a gun rack is a convenient and safe way to transport your firearms. Our expert hunters recommend both the Quick Draw and the Outdoorsman Rack for firearm users.
  • Audio system: If you enjoy listening to music while you ride, an audio system can be a fun and practical addition to your UTV. Our pick for the best sound quality for your buck? The Boss 27 Inch Audio System.

Now What?

Now that you’ve read what our experts recommend, you can begin the adventure of tricking out your rig! And after everything on your Polaris Ranger is just the way you want it – go and hit the trails. Ride harder, faster, and more confidently with the best-looking ride out there. And when you’re done hitting the trails, come on back and check out more of our expert picks, tips and tricks for all things side by side!

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