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Cal City Desert Challenge 2021


Is it ever too late to appreciate the need for speed in the Powersports community? We think not. As a matter of fact, when this action-packed video came across our feed, we couldn’t keep our eyes off it. Jake Carver showcased his passion for grit with ITP tires in the Cali City Desert Challenge this past November 2021. This is the last circuit race, so everyone shows their game faces on, ready to rooster tail it up while chasing them whoops with superior traction and control.

How’d they hold up?

By the looks of it, Carver and his mate didn’t skip a beat as they tackled some of the extreme terrain conditions the planet has to offer. We’re talking rutted up sandy paths, rocks, you name it. The desert is unforgiving, which means you’ve got to have the aftermarket treads. Hence why Carver has slapped the ITP Coyote treads on his rad rig. In fact, he didn’t just tackle the course. He made it his… The dude didn’t so much as glide in the wrong direction. How? The impeccable design elements offer superior grip regardless of the terrain conditions.


Carver made it clear in his bold statement, “we had zero failures.” The pro racer was kicking rocks with maximized control while the next guy was blowing tires. Not Carver. His car was wheeling boss style with nothing but a high-performance grip, whether he was whooping it up or spinning rocks. There is no question ITP was a massive factor in completing this track without any mishaps.

Who is ITP?

Additionally, ITP manufactures right here, gang. These side-by-side tires are done up in the USA, which means there was no hold-up during covid. Why? Because, unlike competitors, they had their set up in local warehouses ready for the haul off. So, to wrap things up, ITP is an American manufacturer that produces UT tires respected worldwide. Not to mention the praise they get in the racing community. What’s not to want?


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