Rodney Dashnaw takes us through a day of mountain life from way, way up north in the Adirondacks Forest. Dashnaw, an avid winter hunter, has been chasing rabbits during the cold season since he was a teenager. The game has changed quite a bit since Rodney was 18. Now he has a utility vehicle’s efficiency to get him deep in the timber through harshest weather conditions. Utilizing the Camso UTV 4S1 Track System, he and his loyal pups Chief and Chomper can confidently hit the mountainside. Nothing can stop them now while they trek through snowy obstacles prowling around for those rascally rabbits.


These aftermarket track systems have revolutionized offroad traveling. If you can dream up the drive, chances are these wheel and tire replacements can get you through it. Ask Dashnaw. This outdoorsman runs through frozen lakes, snow-covered meadows, and narrow wintery paths using the SxS track system. The ride is smooth and comfortable thanks to the advanced engineering Camso uses to develop the hi-performance kit. Between the new cutting-edge technology and design, vibration and poor handling have been virtually eliminated.


There are a ton of buggies available today for every type of offroad enthusiast. Some prefer tanking through trails in a Polaris RZR and others out on a hunt in a Can Am Commander. A Camso UTV 4S1 Track System offers a stable ride on the roughest terrain the country has to offer. Plus, there is an assembly for most machine applications. If you’re ready to grab your set today, be sure to browse Not sure what you need or how the offroad track system works? Leave a comment or give us a call. We’ve got tracks-techs on standby, just for you.

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