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The Hunter’s Guide to ATVs and UTVs | SBSS

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How you equip your UTV for hunting can make or break a trip. Picking which vehicle to take out can make it even more complicated. When you’re stalking deer or waiting patiently for the best flock of turkey in your county, it’s always important for your ATV or UTV to be an asset—not an issue.

Can you shoot a deer from an ATV?

At Side By Side Stuff, we want to keep our readers safe. So, to be plain, no. You CAN NOT use your firearms while driving a UTV or ATV. If you’re out hunting, the stalk is the best part anyways. Keep it holstered, and keep your hands on 10 and 2.

Can you use a UTV for hunting?

An ATV or side-by-side is one of the best tools you can use when hunting. Whether it’s keeping your guns in line and safe while you’re out or hauling the trophies back home, it’s a serious win to be able to take on any terrain when you’re trekking.

To make sure your hunting utility vehicles are as prepared as you are, we’ve put together a list of the best options and accessories to make sure you’re in the clear—and in the zone. We’ll be here for you if you don’t know what vehicle to pick.

With all the different types of game and all the different types of rides, it can be tough to make the right pick. Today, we’ll cover everything you need for whatever you’re bagging this season.

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Are UTVs or ATVs Better for Hunting?

Deciding between a UTV or ATV for hunting is tough: because it really is a split decision for almost every rider. While ATVs are more maneuverable in tight quarters, a UTV can be a better vehicle for bigger game or a bigger haul.

In the end, it comes down to what hunting accessories are available for your UTV or ATV and how easy it’s going to be to upgrade your ride. But what upgrades make UTVs better for hunting? Right below, we’ll uncover why UTVs offer the best accessories you need for hunting, fishing, and outdoor excursions.

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Best UTV Upgrades for Deer Hunting

First things first, if you’re planning to score a big buck, you’re on the right track. So, why not have the most space available to take home what you’ve bagged? There are a hundred different accessories that help you haul home what you’ve hit, but here are some of our favorites:

kawasaki krx

Kawasaki Teryx Hunting Storage and Racks

Polaris, ranger

Polaris Ranger Hunting Storage and Racks

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Can-Am Commander Trailers

Cab heaters

Deep in the thick of it, in the heart of November, it can get so cold it makes you want to quit. Staying out there until dusk breaks and finding that perfect shot isn’t easy when your ride to the duck hunting blinds is freezing. Stay warm and vigilant with Side By Side Stuff’s long list of cab heaters.

How to Camouflage Your UTV

Adding a camo finish to your UTV is one of the best ways to complete your UTV hunting setup. Most hunters do a DIY job when they camo their ride. At SideBySideStuff, we recommend Realtree Camo.

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The Quietest UTV for Hunting

We could make a whole page just about this. Still, for hunters who ride UTVs and ATVs, there’s a faster way to do it: Electric UTVs are always going to be a good amount quieter than gas-powered UTVs and ATVs. As we all know, it can be an odd breeze that throws off a buck but making sure the tires and suspension of any type of vehicle can make your UTV quieter for hunting.

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Which Hunting UTV is Best For You?

At, we believe the best UTV for hunting for you depends on how you ride, what you bag, and how you get it home. The Honda Pioneer is a top pick for many hunters, and the John Deere Gator has great storage, towing, and maneuverability.

When it really comes down to it, the best UTVs for Hunting are built by hunters who know what they want, and build the best UTV for themselves. If you’re curious about which parts are best for hunting, check out our offers, and start your best hunt yet!

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Finding the Quietest ATV for Hunting

The quietest ATVs and UTVs are electric, and make almost no sound when stalking through the brush. If you have a gas UTV you’re looking to make quieter, Side By Side Stuff recommends upgrading your exhaust and/or muffler to help quiet the regular rumbling of your engine.

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Can Deer Smell ATV or UTV Fumes?

In short, yes, they can. Deer have an amazing sense of smell and hearing to keep them safe from predators. If you’re riding electric, you’re more in the clear, but if your UTV is powered by gasoline, deer can smell it from downwind.

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Best ATV Tires for Hunting

If you’re hitting the trails during hunting season, an all-terrain tire is going to do best on most surfaces, but a trip with deep mud and water might need a bit more tread. Good news: Falcon Ridge makes great tires for hunting regardless of what trail you take. To see Falcon Ridge Offroad Tires, or if you need All-Terrain UTV tires for hunting, you can find the best options here.

If you’re curious if you should drive ATVs to deer stands, you’re not alone. Taking the right approach to a hunting excursion means being strategic. There are a million ways to spook any type of game, but as long as you’re driving your ATV or UTV safely with the right tires for the terrain, the vehicle itself will only cause a slight bit of commotion—barely enough to scare away a trophy buck.

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Happy Trails!

The most fun you can have during hunting season is always with the right group of friends, the right game around, and the right equipment to get you there and back. Find your best sxs hunting upgrades at Side By Side Stuff.

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