Once you’ve put a hunting day on the calendar, it’s tough to wait for the day to arrive. You can spend some of this time of anticipation preparing your UTV and supplies for the upcoming trip. Making sure you have your rifle and ammo ready to go is a must.


If everything is in working order, take some planning time to figure out how you will store your gun on your UTV. When you have other gear – like food or camping items – you have to put more effort into maximizing space. Also, if you have another passenger, they will take up cab space and bring their own gear. One solution to making sure everything and everyone fits is by bringing a UTV gun carrier.


Classic Accessories makes a double rifle case in black and camo styles. Both you and your hunting partner can store your firearms in these cases. With water-resistant backing, you won’t have to worry about rain and mud damaging your weapon. Even the zippers on these cases are weather resistant to help prevent leaks. The case includes features like three pockets for you to store extra shells, heavy padding to absorb bumping on the trails, heavy-duty straps to secure the case to your UTV cage and quick release buckles, so when it’s time to begin hunting you can get right to it. Order a double rifle UTV gun carrier for your firearms today from SideBySideStuff.com.



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