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DFK Cabs | UTV Cab Enclosures Ft. Pro Racer Wendy


Who doesn’t pique right the heck up when there’s a badass chick getting down and dirty Powersports style? DFK presents the Polaris RZR Trail S Cab Kit featuring Wendy from the great Poland. She’s a dirt baddie with a fearless ride style. Plus she’s not afraid to go throttle down through the worst of the worst. So, it makes perfect sense that DFK Cabs would ask her to put their UTV hard cab enclosure through the wringer. By the looks of it, they asked, and she delivered. Don’t worry, though. She cleans up her mess when she’s done. Wink. Wink.

Let’s dig into the who’s and the what’s so you get a good idea if these off-road accessories meet your demands. Additionally, we want to tell you how you can get your own rig wrapped up with a quality RZR Trail S cab enclosure.

Who is DFK?

DFK is an industry leader in side-by-side hard cab enclosures. As a matter of fact, good luck finding the kind of innovation they put into their off-road accessories. These units completely wrap the cockpit for a full-on reprieve from the elements and the environment. Whether you’re hitting the bogs or Mother Nature is pouring out her emotions, you get the protection you need for the ride you want.

Is it durable?

These sxs cab enclosures take on durability like no other with heavy-duty construction from the polycarbonate plastic to the metal frames. In addition, the lightweight structure doesn’t bog the buggy down, so there isn’t a massive power loss. If that isn’t enough, this aftermarket accessory will last for the long haul as it’s nearly indestructible. Heck, you saw what Wendy did as she tanked through the sticky icky. Plus, clean-up was quick, easy, and… well… she did make it look effortless, downright fun even.

Get your purchase on!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t settle for mediocrity when you don’t have to. Instead, wrap up your rig with high-quality UTV Cab Enclosures by DFK, getting your purchase on at Side By Side Stuff.

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