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Falcon Ridge: Velocity Flip-Up Front Windshields for UTVs

ve·loc·i·ty [vəˈläsədē]


the speed of something in a given direction:

“the bike showed great velocity after the driver pinned the needle.”

When you’re good, you’re good. Falcon Ridge has proven time and time again that they are fueled by your passion. As a result, their take on UTV accessories offers more ride comfort and interior preservation.

We’ve all come to love their take on sxs windshields, but their new design breaks the mold. So feast your adrenaline-charged faces on the fresh-off-the-press Velocity Flip Up Front Windshield by Falcon Ridge.


What’s so great about this windshield?

Falcon Ridge pulled out all the stops with this side-by-side windshield. Everything from the internal components to the impact-resistant build screams aftermarket perfect. In addition, the unit includes multiple build elements, unlike anything Falcon Ridge has dished out before. So, buckle up, STUFF Junkies. You’re about to get the 411 on a windshield that will change the industry as we know it.


  • Crafted with professional grade 1/4 inch polycarbonate to provide maximum durability and visibility
  • No drilling required
  • One piece gasket with molded corners and fully welded seams for a tight seal
  • Works with most OEM cab systems
  • Quick, low-effort twist handle
  • Shuts with minimal force
  • Smooth motion with gas filled struts and spherical ball rod ends
  • Easy to follow step by step installation and care instructions are included
  • Made in the USA


This windshield is impact-resistant!

The aftermarket windshield features quarter inch thick polycarbonate construction. Polycarbonate is one of the most durable plastics on the planet, offering bulletproof protection. It’s so tough. In fact, it’s up to 250-times stronger than a glass windshield and 30-times stronger than acrylic. In other words, the windshield is nearly shatterproof.


Close her up or feel the breeze.

There is nothing worse than having restrictions when trying to have the ride of your life or tackle chores. Unfortunately, with most UTV windshields, you are left with a mounted full windshield that causes low-pressure suction or half, which only offers “half” of the protection needed.

That is not the case with this kit. Falcon Ridge designs the assembly to flip open, allowing airflow to circulate through the cab. On the other hand, you can close her up to get protection from all the yuck stuff that can ruin a ride.

Ride Ruiners

  • Bugs
  • Debris
  • Rain
  • Dust
  • Drive Wind


Gas Struts What?!

Falcon Ridge includes a gas strut, and spherical ball rod ends in the windshield build. This is a huge game-changer as lifting the unit is effortless. Imagine getting that breeze when Mother Nature is breathing fire with little to no force. Talk about a win.


Is it inconvenient to raise the windshield?

The aftermarket windshield can be adjusted on the fly. Falcon Ridge designed the accessory with a low-effort twist handle accessible from the inside of the cab. Due to this, it’s super quick to spend more time doing what needs to be done and less time flipping up a windshield.


How does fitment work?

Falcon Ridge forms this windshield to work with tons of machine applications. Custom clamps are sent with each purchase, designed strictly for each make and model.

On top of that, the kit comes with a one-piece gasket with molded corners and fully welded seams. This provides a tight seal, keeping water and dust out while in the closed position. Plus, it offers a snug, rattle-free fit.


What does installation look like?

Installing this sxs windshield is a “breeze.” Unlike some Powersports accessories, this unit does not require any drilling. Falcon Ridge tosses in detailed instructions on how to mount the windshield, so there is no guessing game.

Windshield Care Instructions

(Step by Step Care Instructions)

Step 1: Spray/rinse any dirt or debris on the windshield with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Use a microfiber cloth or t-shirt rag and gently wash with an up and down motion.

Step 3: Spray plastic cleaner or ammonia-free window cleaner directly on the windshield.

Step 4: Use a microfiber cloth or t-shirt rag and gently wash with an up and down motion.

Step 6: Dry with a microfiber cloth or t-shirt rag to prevent water spots.

What better way to get comfort and aesthetic gains than with a Falcon Ridge Velocity windshield? Its impact-resistant durability is off-road worthy, and it comes with zero restrictions. It can even be used with most OEM cab enclosure kits. So what’s not to want?

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